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Actually, when I moved here, I thought that Alki Beach and Shilshole would be warmer than the beaches way up north in Vancouver BC.

Boy was I wrong. Ten degrees colder. Fracking freezing.
Thanks Dan, somebody had to said it.
We've been over this before, Dan. This is not even remotely unseasonable. It's seasonable to a T. It doesn't even suck. It's just a few drops of rain in the rainy season.
God, it's only been raining for like 2 days.
no, we can complain when the rainfall exceeds the monthly average. and it's over the may average.
Come on now, he's got a point. The rain doesn't bother me normally but for some reason it bummed me the fuck out when I woke up this morning. Maybe it's the fact that we've been teased with some favorable temperatures earlier this month (season?) and some of us are expecting (hoping?) for more since it's, y'know, almost June and all...
Ha ha.
The good news is that it sucks in a lot of the Nortwest US.

For example, I was trying to find a sunny getaway for Memorial Day. I experimented with Richland, WA and Yakima (advertised as the "Palm Springs" of Washington State).

However, reveals that I'd have to travel at least 12 hours by car to get somewhere sunny. Chico, CA is the closest I can find.

By plane, I'd have to go to Vegas -- where most of the hotels focus on keeping you inside...out of the sunlight!

Best bet if Phoenix, AZ. However, the prices for last minute travel versus 2 weeks ahead is about 2x higher. I keep hoping against hope it will get sunny here so I don't have to spend $600 to see the sun for a few days...but it seems like that is the case!!
Man, I can't what to hear the whining when "Junuary" rolls around in a couple of weeks.

Whatsamatta kids, forgot where you stashed your umbrella & galoshes?
"And, hey, we're drowning, but at least we're not drowning in oil."

I do not complain about the rain but I do wish we'd have a string of some sunny Spring days. My garden would love it too. I will be the first to start bitchin' when it gets over 80 tho'.
Yeah, we have some friends in town from the east coast this week and I'm having a hard time convincing them that the weather actually doesn't suck in Oregon most of the time. They just came on a bad week... Quit being so stereotypical, NW weather!
Actually, while I suppose my cucumbers and tomatoes aren't too happy with this weather, my radishes and lettuce and arugula and mustard greens and kale and peas and parsley and cilantro and radicchio seem to enjoy it just fine. And I'm not hearing too many complaints from the raspberry patch either.

So my garden and I have no complaints.
meh, people back east are bitching about how hot it is. news flash: people hate everything.
That entire 70 degrees a couple of weekends ago is why everyone is so fucking pissed about the rain now. Don't worry, soon we can have our triple digits this summer (remember that from last summer?) and we can bitch that it's too hot and dry!!!
You are so allowed to have as boring of a blog as you like. It's yours and if you like it dull make it dull Complain away. I've got other things to read.
One of the advantages of being a private pilot, it’s always a beautiful sunny day on top of the clouds.
I like it. And that being said, the sun just came out. I THINK WE WILL BE OK NOW.
Yup, it's raining. I think I see a sun break on the way. Here's hoping you get one, too. Look at it this way, the rain knocks the pollen down and that helps your asthma, Dan.
The Cure reissue of Disintegration is available now! It sounds best in the rain. Count your blessings.
@20, I lost my gay virginity while that album was playing!!!
Actually, the PNW weather is really quite predictable. There will be endless variations of "cloudy with a chance of rain."
@13, you shouldn't have your tomatoes planted yet. Mid-June for tomatoes in the PNW. Everybody knows that; it's always been true.
You can complain all you want.

It makes you a weather queen though.

23: why do you always have to be a jackass? Why did you have to add "everybody know's that, it's always been true."

I hadn't seen you around for a couple weeks, I was hoping you were gone for good. Darn.
A new study of 14,500 people just found that there is no correlation between the weather (including duration is sunshine and amount of rain) and mood. In fact, depression peaks in the summer for men and the fall for women.
So seriously, Seattle, you're complaining about nothing. The weather in many parts of the habitable world is ALWAYS worse than it is here.…
The only reason the rain bummed me out this morning was because it made my drive to work a complete clusterfuck. For how much it supposedly rains around here, you'd think people would be better at driving in it.
Oops, my link got truncated.
If it makes you feel any better, it barely tops 60 here all summer, and we pay double the rent.
My dream job is being a weatherperson in Seattle: Oct. through March: "gonna rain!"; April through June: "crappy with a chance of crap!"; July through Sept.: "dry and sunny." I'd literally never have to get out of bed to phone in the entirely predictable forecast.
Hey. You should all visit Montréal, Québec today. Over there, they're experiencing record heat, even for July or August. They're apparently collapsing in the streets because the heat index is well above 120F in places. The actual temperature? Somewhere between 95-105F.

It must be the sovereigntists who are to blame, tabarnac.
@6.. me too too.. and after reading this post i've got 'it's my party and i'll cry if i want to' stuck in my head..
but reading lindy's review totally made the morning bearable..
As someone living in rainy Ireland (where our recent 5 days of sun is making everyone freak out), it is perfectly appropriate to complain about the rain even in climates that everyone knows are rainy. It keeps us sane.

Falling asleep listening to the rain on your window can be the most relaxing thing in the world — waking up to a dark rainy miserable morning is the opposite.
I think it's adorable how proud you Seattle-ites are of what little rain you get.
The only thing good about all the rain was watching the one-day/week/month-a-year bicycle commuters suffer during Bike to Work Month. I saw a lot of sad faces atop soggy jeans and sneakers last week on my rides into work, especially Wednesday and Friday.
I don't mind the rain now, since there's daylight when I get up to go to work in the morning. Soon there will be an actual sun hovering over the Cascades when I go to work. Imagine!
It's crazy how much rain annoys you when you need to put down fertilizer that requires 24 hours of no rain. I'm watching that sky every fucking 15 minutes trying to plan out a schedule. Give me ONE DAY, Seattle! Just one!
Here in Western Mass the temperature shot up to 96 degrees yesterday. And it isn't even June yet. I am going to go sacrifice a large steak to the gods of air conditioning.
Seattle is different _from_ everyplace else. Not "different than."
I'd like to amend this by adding that people in Portland, or really anywhere in the Pacific NW within 150 miles of the coast, also need to STFU about the rain.

NO RAIN, NO VERDURE, MMKAY? You like the verdure, right?

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