But Jason Robinson didn't send the video to one of his students. The 32-year-old football coach sent a lewd video to a college student—a 20-year-old college student who just so happened to be his girlfriend. A girlfriend who, like Robinson, is a consenting adult. Unfortunately for Robinson his girlfriend's mother found the video on her daughter's phone and forwarded it to his boss:

Former Mandarin High School head football coach Jason Robinson's girlfriend's mother e-mailed explicit cell phone video to the school's principal, school board spokeswoman Jill Johnson said. Dr. Donna Richardson, the school's principal, then sent Robinson the following letter informing him that he's been removed from his position: "Effective today you have been reassigned to Bulls Bay for the remainder of this school year. You are not to come back onto our campus, and we will make arrangements to get any of your personal belongings to you. You are also being non-reappointed for the next school year. It is regretful it had to come to this, but I believe you understand the situation."

Before we get to Dr. Donna Richardson's assault on sexual freedom... let's just pause to consider the assault on the English language. Non-reappointed? Regretful? Eesh. Back to the Richardson:

"We hold our teachers to a higher standard. They are in front of our students. They're talking with our students. They're teaching our students how to become good characters."

Apparently no one who has ever made a dirty video or taken a dirty cell-phone picture is fit to teach at Mandarin High School. Because the existence of a single dirty picture or video—images that not only won't any Mandarin High School student ever see, but images no Mandarin High School student even knows exists—might somehow prevent those students from becoming "good characters." And if someone invades the privacy of a Mandarin High School employee—which is exactly what happened in this case—then that school employee can be fired.

Back to the report:

In a phone interview with Channel 4, Robinson said he's seeking legal action against his 20-year-old girlfriend's parents for violating his privacy they retrieved off of a phone.

Mandarin High School's website is here. The contact information for the principal of Mandarin High School is here. Here's Dr. Donna Richardson's contact information:

Dr. Richardson
260-3911, ext. 1009

Be polite. But let Richardson know that she's very much in the wrong. And let others know to let her know. We've been sticking up for a lot of queer high school students this spring who were victimized by the homophobic bigots who run their schools. It's time to stick up for a straight high school coach who has been victimized by the sex-phobic bigot who runs his. Send Donna a note.