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This guy is the 9th highest paid athlete in the world -- he made $35 million in 2009. Why would Valentino Rossi even waste time on real estate fire sales?
@1: You're joking, right? It's textual sarcasm, and I don't get it, right? Because sometimes expression is lost in the written word, and I'm hoping this is one of those times.

Just in case it's not, here's a bit of clarification.

Dino Rossi:

Valentino Rossi:…
Goldman-Sachs has contributed to lots of candidates - both Rep and Dem - and I'm willing to bet they'll be contributing to Rossi's campaign momentarily when they hear he likes to screw over people and their money too....
@3 - Yes, and I'm sure Rossi will be happy to turn down any and all campaign contributions from those companies, right?

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