either you believe the Bible or you don't....
only 117 on average? i guess that just means i'm exceptional!
Hm, going on previous examples of holier-than-thou types recently in the news, I'd say Dean better be darned certain nobody's been lifting his luggage lately.
"On average, they molest 117 people before they’re found out."

Silly Dean, mixing up his priests and his gays again.
It gets worse.

Dean even accuses homosexuals of being lushes who are always in and out of rehab and who can't maintain longterm relationships.
117, huh? Ruling out consenual sex, as that's not molestation, I know a lot of gay people with some catching up to do.
Holy fuck. I just feel ashamed and dirty that they are a part of the state I have been proud to call home... my beautiful Blue State.

Looked at their website. They are looking for a gun-filled theocracy. I hope he gets busted for whatever crime he's covering up. Pawlenty and Bachmann won't be able to do shit for him.

Good news: Gov. Timmy won't be running again!
Who doesn't want to be my 106th???
I see he comes from the Joe McCarthy School of Just Making Up Scary Numbers.
Wait. Ummm... Isn't murder listed in the Bible somewhere as something... bad?
Frankly, if ever there was a legitimate reason for censorship, this guy takes the prize.
@9: "I have here in my hand a list of two hundred and five [people] that were known to the Invisible Pink Unicorn as being Teh Ghey and who nevertheless are still alive and not ostracized from society."
@1: Enjoying that ham sammich? Ever eat a bacon cheeborger? Carry a buck or two in your pocket on Caturday?
Aargh! So the Christian fundies are now citing extremist Muslim fundy violence/murder of gays as the proper example of Judeo-Christian morality? The same extremist Muslim fundies that they also think God wants us to destroy? My head's going to explode!
I find the honesty quite refreshing. I've noticed for a long time that the Christian Right has far more in common w/ Muslim Extremism than they do w/ mainstream America. Really, the only thing they disagree on is bacon.
@ #1

either you believe the (fill in blank with your favorite book of fairy tales here) or you don't....
Chritianity always resorts to murder. It's intrinsically disordered myths and superstitions have nothing to do with reality. The people who see it for what it is have to be threatened with murder because they pose the biggest threat.
Little known fact*:

On average, heterosexuals molest only 104 people before they're found out.

* Fact as equally grounded in evidence as Dean's 117 molesting homosexuals.
Ooops. Shoulda been "117-molesting". It's widely known that all homosexuals are molesters, not just 117 of them.
Well, one thing's clear. Bradlee Dean = Cocksucker.
that's very clever.
you're definitely better off with the muslims.
especially you homosexuals.
better yet a good secular non-religious philosophy-
maybe Nazism?
surely you homos would fair better under a non-Christian state like that?
@22: Back in the day, the Muslim nations of the Middle East treated Jews and Christians with respect and allowed them to practice their own religion and retain their own culture. It was about that time that Christian nations were trying to rid the holy land of infidels (i.e., Muslims) and preaching the blood libel against us Jews. In other words, Christianity has a piss-poor track record for running nations. "Render unto Caesar" know the rest, right?
Also, Nazism was deeply religious.
Also, being better than Nazism does not make a political philosophy any good. Generalissimo Franco ran Spain better than Hitler would have (probably) but he was still an oppressive fascist thug.
ah yes-
back in the day....

"piss-poor track record..."
oh, the worst, for sure!
except for every other religion....

find a good ranking of nations based on 'quality of life'
your "Christian" nations will head the list.
the Protestant nations at the very top.
(Japan, the only exception, will be there in the top 20 somewhere...Go Shintoism!)

which Well Run muslim country would you advocate homosexuals move to?
Iran? super glue enema, anyone?
Saudi Arabia? don't go loosing your head...
Sudan? Yemen?
you do realize that Homosexuality is a crime and forbidden in most Islamic countries, don't you?
@24: Do the countries with the best quality of life rankings happen to be Christian? Sure, I'll run with your assertion. Does that mean that those nations are better to live in because they are populated by Christians? Nope; those Western nations don't run their countries according to biblical law, so Christianity is pretty much coincidental. Does that mean that Christian nations as a whole are better to live in than non-Christian nations? Not a chance; there are plenty of dirt-poor Christian nations as well as the affluent ones. Does any of this indicate anything about how well homosexuals are treated? Nope!
Also, the very very Muslim UAE seems to be doing decently in the past few decades.
And you are correct in your statement that no religion really treats homosexuals well. This is why we separate the church and state! (By the bye, Jesus was for separation of church and state.)
And remember, Islam isn't the only religion looking to Kill Teh Gheys. How about those many Christian nations in sub-Saharan Africa?
Your argument amounts to "Oh, they're being assholes too, so I should be allowed to carry on being an asshole myself." That does not fly.
And the fact stands: Islamic theocracies historically have been more tolerant of minorities than Christian theocracies.
it seems like the best way to spread the gospel message is to brow beat people and call them an abomination if you disagree with their lifestyle rather than actually act like christ. interesting.

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