It IS his responsibility to shut this down.

This took a month too long.

Obama owns that oil polluting the gulf....
I just read a few accounts of the press conference. Way overdue. It is his first since last July! Pres. Obama didn't look good. This is problematic. It is a worse spill than Exxon Valdez. He, and us better hope that "Top Plug" works. Not Obama's finest hour.
Try this map for a more complete picture of the wells drilled. Note that not all wells produce, and that one platform can have many wells.…
The planet will start purging itself of the human carcinoma in ...5...4...3...
If we spent this much money on building solar, wind, tidal, biomass, geothermal, and hydro energy sources, the closure of the gulf wells would be a meaningless activity, kind of like the percentage of Greece is to the EU in terms of GDP - and debt.

Kick em to the curb. Oil is over.
If they can't plug this fucking hole at some point it could become an potential ELE for certian aquatic lifeforms.

Yeah, kinda late there Mr. President, enjoy your Katrina!!! On the plus side though, oil prices have just dropped, apparently you can just walk out to the beach and grab oil by the shovel full these days.
@6 - no, that's because oil firms were worried he might nationalize them. the market reaction is due to that. (caveat - have something like $50,000 in energy mutual funds)
5 we could spend that much money on solar, wind, tidal, biomass, geothermal, and hydro energy sources; or we could just have a huge bonfire with the cash; we get the same benefit either way....
You'd think at a mile down, the water pressure alone would plug the hole. The pressure behind this oil reserve must be tremendous. (Or am I thinking about it wrong?)

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