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Celebrity parent smackdown! Moar!
When is that woman going to hit menopause already?
That baby's a few months old now, so she should be pregnant again any day now. She's obligated to god to keep having babies until one kills her.
They've said after she can't have anymore kids, they are going to start adopting. Someone needs to help those children...
I know this is super old, but it bears repeating:…
This is what happens when you name your son "Jim Bob." Please, people, one name per person.

And no nicknames as a given name.
@6: One FIRST name per person, I think you mean? If you meant what you actually said, well, you can pry my patronymic from my cold anonymous hands.

Mr. Duggar has obviously been hard at work trying to plug that hole...
Cleetus and Brandeen!
HE needs to plug his spout. Man, jerk off into a sock or something.

There's probably not enough resources to plug her hole. Even BP's like "girrrl, we ain't touchin' that..."
Good God. By now, those two must have callouses like a longshoreman, on their "mommy and daddy" parts.
@11: Somehow, I doubt he's even scraping the sides at this point.
Oy, please... of course this is my "in-the-closet" show. I cannot get over this family. They seem like such nice people and yet, the hair cuts, the clothes... I keep waiting for heads to spin 360 degrees. Also, you have noticed that none of the older girls are getting married and some of them are of marrying age, but who'd take care of the rest of the litter?
I feel sorry for the kids. The girls are just workers for the parent child army, and the boys are future potential sperm donors.

Also, haven't studies shown a link to the number of boys you have and one of those boys turning out gay?

Awaiting the Duggars gay son...
For the earth's sake, please, spay and neuter your excessive breeders.

This has been a public service announcement.
A slurry of mud, rocks, and concrete should do nicely.
Or tires and golf balls. She'd be like those women from Tailand, only like a rapid fire chain gun.

P.S 10 and 11 you get a comedy gold star!
I'm so sick of people becoming famous for breeding.
Please, Someone out there start a Duggar spay and release program before it is too late!
actually should be a "Spay/Neuter and release program" for the Duggars. And to answer my own posting, it is way too late.
Did they sew her up after her first C section, or just install a zipper for future easy access?
Yes, yes, if you want sexual freedom to have multiple partners, get tied up, slap your boyfriend around, drip hot wax on your balls, clamp your tits, etc, and the freedom of expression to marry your LGBTQ partner, cheat on them, adopt a child, and raise them as a same sex couple, then Dan is 100% behind you. However, if you want to be celibate before marriage, have one (hetero) partner, and have as many Christian babies as your body will allow, then you should be stopped.

Look, I don't agree with the Duggars' lifestyle at all, and it is nothing I would ever want for myself. I do however, want tolerance of my own sexual and religious and moral expression, so I'm going to go ahead and tolerate them- just like I'd ask them to do for me.
Thanks Dan for finally addressing this batshit couple. Has anyone else noticed that they never show any of the kids in trouble, throwing a tantrum, or yelling at each other? It's so bizarre. I can't wait until one of them comes out. Or until one of the girls really goes wild and wears pants.
Back the truck up.

PEOPLE Magazine actually confused the possessive and the plural of "baby"... ON THE COVER? I'm hereby nominating this as the saddest attempt to use the English language of 2010.

Are all the people with proofreading skills currently unemployed or flipping burgers? That would explain so much.
Oh wait. I'm the confused one. I was trying to read it as a typical, "action" style title, not a descriptive one.

Serves me right for commenting before I've had my coffee.

*hangs head in shame*
@22. My sentiments exactly. Even though it sickens me that people have more and more children while there are so many children in the world without parents, I really, really don't want to live in a country without reproductive freedom.

And Dan, you've been writing this column long enough to call yourself on your own sexism -- plug your spout.
I agree that reproductive freedom also means the right to have as many children as you can care for. If not, we have a situation like China with coerced abortions. Reproductive freedom is the freedom to have children, or not. Hopefully, the Duggar's ob/gyn is strongly suggesting it is time to stop. As a woman gets older the chances that a child born to her will have a major disability such as Down's Syndrome increases.
A friend of mine when commenting on the Duggar's said, "God said, be fruitful and multiply. He didn't mean you had to do it all by yourself."
If you have planet of your own, you may have as many children as it can support. If you are share this planet with the rest of us, you have no right to reproduce at all, as this place is too crowded already. Replacement fertility is tolerable. Anything more should be banned and prevented.
@22, you said it better than I could have.
Um, Am I the only person who doesnt' know who these people are? I guess she has lots of kids or something?
I want to have reproductive freedom as a woman where i choose to reside but I ALSO wish to have freedom from my tax dollars going to support their 18 kids medical costs and schooling........ I decided NOT to have kids though perfectly fertile.......Do I get some type of reimbursement from my state for NOT LITTERING UP THE SYSTEM with 18 progeny??? This is an example of, again, lack of moderation. These folks are irresponsible in their breeding. If they were dogs this would be a puppy mill.....
She doesn't take care of her children, her daughters do. Does reproductive freedom include enslaving the older children so you can keep popping them out? Seems to me that her rights to reproduce shouldn't negate her daughter's rights to raise children when they choose to, but who am I kidding, none of those kids has any choice about anything.
I passionately hate the Duggar family. I think they are disgusting and that they should plug the damn hole. So what if they don't believe in birth control, stop having sex!! Don't be rabbits, seriously. Maybe your baby is having so much health problems because your body no longer has the ability to produce healthy babies. Maybe your eggs are starting to get old, and you're increasing your potential babies chances of Down's Syndrome! There is no need for this many children. STOP IT!

They are just spreading their propaganda that women who show their wrists, necks and ankles are inappropriately dressed and that a woman's job is to push babies out and feed the family. They are bringing back woman's rights to many many years ago.

GRR! They make me so angry. They are allowed to have their religious beliefs, I don't agree with them but don't spread them to your poor innocent children. Yuck.

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