Projection much?

What about doing something about all the servicewomen being raped or 'coerced into having sex' with their superiors.
I didn't realize same sex rape was a major problem (comparatively) in society in general, why would it be worse in the military?
Call Representative Reichert - he is undecided and needs pressure too!

877-920-9208 DC Office
206-275-3438 Mercer Island Office
I wish they'd make up their mind about the gays--are we simpering, limp-wristed "girls," or testosterone-crazed, ithyphallic, ten-foot-tall maniacs?--because I need to pick out the socks, tie, and pocket square that will accent my outfit.
@4 Lol, that was fucking hilarious!
22 years.

That's how long ago it was that Canada had gay soldiers serve openly.

Oh, and they fought the Afghan war for us when we went off-mission.

Face it, all we do in America is whine and complain - but do nothing. If you just got every gay soldier to form a chain around the Pentagon, wrapping it 200 times over, it would cause more change than all the whining about how hard it is to do anything.

But we're gutless in this country. We just like to whine.
...because there aren't any gay people there now, and rape isn't happening. To soldiers AND to freakin' civilians with our military's blessing. Fuck the military.
Me thinks someone has been looking a one too many gay porn sites.

'Cause that's the only place this is gonna happen....and those guys aren't straight. They're paid performers.

I wouldn't even fool with calling Jim Costa. He represents such progressive cities in the Central Valley as Coalinga, Bakersfield, Fresno - well you get the picture. If the US were a person, the Central Valley would be the asshole, which I guess explains its nutrient rich soil.
I'd be more worried about rape by straight soldiers.

Of both women and gay men. It's hardly as if it's unheard of for ostensibly straight men to rape gays. Even more so for lesbians.
There's already mass rape of straights in the military -- the women.
I'd be more worried about straight (well 'straight') soldiers not handling going without sex for 6 months and raping a gay servicemen and getting away with it on the claims that 'he's gay, he enjoyed it, why WOULDN'T he enjoy a cock?'

Anyone else think the same?
I told my partner, who serves in a military that doesn't care if you're openly gay, straight, or whatever, that he better watch out for that mass rape when he goes into work.

Oddly enough, they don't seem to have that problem from any side. Then again, his military is a bit more honest about what people will get up to when overseas and doesn't try to prohibit adults being adults in their own time.
Ugh. What about all the women who don't drink water after 7pm (in the desert), so that they can avoid being raped on the way to the latrines by their comrades? What about them? Man up, pussies.
I am an infantry Major in the Austrlian Army. I am hetrosexual. In our army we have no issues around sexual identity of serving defence personnel. In fact we have had service people change gender while still being serving members of the the Australian Defence Force.

By not making sexual preferences an issue, it has not been an issue. Service personnel undergo annual mandatory sessions on 'living in a community' which covers bullying, discriminatory behaviour, inappropriate conduct, attitudes towards working with opposite genders or gay people, etc. We do not have any particular identified issues of inappropriate behaviour as a result of specific 'lifestyle' choices.

The concerns of gay soldiers molesting the straight soldiers is ludicrous as are most of the other concerns raised by those opposed to accepting gays in the military. It is important for a military to reflect the society it defends. As a traditional institution it is a great risk for the military to not adapt to changes to attitudes and beliefs held by the wider community, as it can only lead to criticism of the defence force and a distraction from its primary task.

The United States military is best advised to just move on, and kill this issue by treating gays as what they are, normal members of society.

Major Craig

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