After the Canucks were out I stopped caring.
Ugh, I just can't root for Philly. I'd much rather have an original six team that hasn't won in four decades win.
It's Chicago's fault that the Cancuks are out--you should cheer for Chicago to lose, too.
Rizzo, you bastard, I thought you died in the last MOVE shoot out.
Why is this even a debate? You cheer for Philly or else.
Go Flyers..
Everyone else would have stopped caring if the Canucks had advanced. Go Chicago!
Whatchoo be rooting for Chicago for, you crazy boy?

I see Slog's still mostly dead. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.
#1. Same...I'll continue to wear my vancouver t-shirt though.
Cheering for the Flyers is cheering for HISTORY. They were dead, down 0-3 starting the 3rd string goalie, leading scorer down with a broken foot and a defensemen out with a bruised brain. And then they did what's only been done three other times. Magic fucking carpet ride.

And now here we are 4 wins away.

Get Flyered up!
as an african american hockey fan, I'm glad to see a black hockey player play such a dominant role in a team's battle for a Stanley Cup.

Other than that, I think Chicago has more firepower and will win in six.
I'm a Canuck fan and normally rooting for the team that knocked us silly two years running would be way off my radar.... BUT-

a) There are more B.C. players on Chicago than even my beloved Canucks

b) growing up I was a Blackhawks fan and went to a dozen or so games over the years. When they sold Roenick, and Chelios became a Red Wing...I was done. Plus, I moved to the PNW.

c) I fucking hate Philly. Fuck Philly. or Phuck Philly. However you want to put it....

...c'mon Megan. If Butt-fucklin was yours (on yr team) you would LOVE him. I do, and it KILLED me the way he destroyed the 'nucks.

It's been over 50 years, go Blackhawks go!

The Flyers fightin Gretzky back in the day got me to love hockey. Hextall rocks! Go Philly! Anyone who can piss one-legged while ice skating COME-ON!!!!!!
Byfuglien might be Byfuglien, but at least he's not Pronger.
As tough as it is to root for Philly (I'm in Pittsburgh), I'd love to see Hossa miss out again.
I guess on the one hand I (as a diehard Canucks fan) am rooting for Chicago (damn them anyways) since then I can look at it as "well if we had played a bit smarter and a bit harder we could have gone all the way". (logic in the form of: If the team that beat us, makes it, we could have made it if we beat them)

And yeah, Byfuglien is an ass, but at least he's not Pronger.

Go Hawks!
In Philly we crap on the Canucks and we piss on their fans. Stop living in the past. Youse lost!

Broad St Baby! Get used to it.


The rest is conversation! Philadephians of the world Unite!!
Have you seen the kind of play Niemi's been laying down? His stingy goaltending allows the Blackhawks to be more aggressive, something that's helped them a lot.
Bite me. Blackhawks FTW.
Should be a great series. I could see it going seven games...and Chicago will win.
Chicago will win a one way ticket out of Philly.

Where is all the Flyer love?
@20: Evidently only in Filthydelphia.
The Flyers in a long 6.

... oh for the love of (a non existent) god, the Flyers in 6!

Or 5, that will work as well...
And Megan; Please keep the hockey talk comin'...

Hawks played poorly and still won it 6-5. When they wake up for game 2, they'll win it and the rest of the series handily.
Shut up about Byfuglien. Its awesome when he does that. your just jealous you can't do that. LOL. Puke on yourself for the flyers losing, how about that! Go Hawks!!!

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