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Even if someone is a piece of shit loaded loser all day on the government dollar (my dollar as a tax payer) I would rather have them free-loading than breaking into my house to steal my stereo and potentially hurt me.

Yes it is not ideal to have some people just be loaded all day but it will happen anyway. The sooner we get over being squicked out by drugs the sooner we can prevent theft and violent crime.
What is even more glaringly obvious is that the crime, disease, and high mortality associated with hard drug use are exactly what the authorities want. Not only does it keep poor communities in a state of turmoil, it also fattens the various budgets of the prison-industrial complex. A win-win situation for all--- except those involved at the street level.
I predict a huge increase in the number of methadone patients who not longer tolerate methadone.
@2 -- Where do the authorites meet to discuss exactly what they want?
Well, there's always the option of never starting to use it in the first place. Not so much "just say no" than "I don't want horse in my system, no thanks."
There's not a drug out there whose prohibition doesn't cause more harm than good.

Let junkies get their junk without struggle, without turning them into criminals just for shooting junk, most of them will even work contentedly to keep roofs over their heads.

Just like drunks. Just like pill heads.

Mind you, I'm not saying addiction of any sort's any sort of a picnic by any means. But the addicts who are lucky enough to get hooked on a poison they can possess without getting sent to the pokey just for possessing have a much better chance of managing their habits successfully enough to keep their asses out of jail.

We don't think an alcoholic or a pill head deserves to be locked up just for having a habit. It's shit they do that's linked to their habits: DWIs, domestic violence, destruction of property, etc. that's criminal. And some drunks, some pill heads, just don't do that shit. Some junkies don't either.

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