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Maybe Silva just needed to move to a AAAA-quality league like the NL.
I think having Junior back in the AL more than makes that the "AAAA-quality league," Fnarf.
Right now, Miltie's at 29 games and he needs to be at 29.629, so he's on pace. Crossing fingers.
Nevermind that, Roy Halladay threw the second perfect game of this baseball season (the 20th in baseball history) today for the Phillies!
Dude, everyone throwing perfect games this year. Soon it'll be Silva.
Perfect game in Philly and. Flyers set to win the cup. Let's just say what everybody knows:

Philly rules!!!
we still don't need carlos silva. our 1-4 starters are untouchable right now. I'd still rather have Milton Bradley than Carlos Silva. We're not in last place because of our pitching, we're in last place because of our horrendous hitting. Lee, Hernandez, Lee and Fister would all have at least 5 wins if they had more run support.
But Chicago Fan, do you care about soccer?
Never mind that, Kendry Morales broke his leg celebrating a game-winning grand slam. I think I speak for everyone when I say "LOL."
So, the Mariners are done for this season and the Sounders suck, too. Gonna be a long boring summer, sports wise...
Chicago Fan, I hate you.

/me weeps

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