There used to be a hole like that over by Boren - my grandpa was on the work crew that filled it so they could build Olive Tower.
I, for one, welcome our new subterranean underlords.
Nah, the Morlocks are all holding jobs in Washington, D.C.
Jesus, something exactly like that happened three years ago:…

They got a sandworm problem down there or something?
Jesus Christ!!! that's one black hole there.

I know it's real but, it just doesn't look real, looks photoshopped.
This isn't Guatemala City's first giant sinkhole nor even it's deepest! A 100m hole opened up in 2007. If you search for "Guatemala sinkhole" you will (now) get images of two *different* sinkholes!

Protip: don't build your capital on top of swiss cheese.
Karst topography will get you every time, man
There was a smaller sinkhole in my hometown a couple years ago. It was 20' wide and 15' deep and it was scary enough. Luckily it happened on a deserted street in the middle of the night, so no one was hurt. I remember my parents saying everyone in the city felt vaguely uneasy driving around, wondering if the earth would swallow them up.

I can't even imagine how you cognitively cope with huge sinkholes like that happening twice in three years.
Can we start saying "SCUD" instead of "CHUD"? I like things that explode.
I kind of want to put my penis in it.

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