Phelps' new church needs to hear about it.
The rapist needs to be in prison.
Where hopefully he'll be raped daily.
I can feel the Christ-like love. Amazing how you can use an obtuse book of fairy tales to justify any kind of evil.
Every successive detail of this story just made me that much angrier. I'm not sure whether the rapist or the pastor is the bigger scumbag.
I don't think she would have been stoned...she'd have been sold to her rapist as his bride, and he would have been forced to keep her and not divorce her. 'Cause nothing heals a rape victim's wounds like forcing her to marry the rapist.
"Prior to coming to Colonial, Dr. Phelps served as a YOUTH PASTOR in Minnesota and Colorado." Figures.
Been trawling Reddit a bit, Dan?
So Phelps made the girl stand before the congregation and confess her "sin" because of her "1 percent guilt in the situation". Ernest Willis, who, in my humble opinion, is 100 percent guilty, was apparently not made to confess to the congregation.

Well, at least he's being prosecuted by real authorities.
She would have said it was an immacxulate conception, impregnated by God, and avoided a stoning. My bet is women in the times when they were stoned (while men went scott free) for adultery, just claimed they were virgins and the only way they could have been fertilized was by some supernatural rape. Back then, there was little rational thought. And many religions had the myth that it's leader was a god by virgin birth.
There's a contact box on the church's website. I'm giving myself an hour or so to cool down before I write them a note.
oh good it's the first of the month hopefully your check has come and you can afford to get back on your medicines
OK. I sent something to Colonial Hill Baptist. I haven't calmed down enough to send something to Trinity Baptist, though. There's too many supporters on the Concord Monitor website saying things like "She wanted it and then just complained afterwards" and "They're both sinners, and it's our job to forgive." Completely missing the context of power dynamics. Grrrrr....
Add this assbag to the list of phony-baloney religious scumbags named Phelps...
After all these posts and other articles, I thought I was pretty much beyond being shocked by this sort of thing. Youth pastor rapists and cover ups, they just seem like old hat by now. But some one always has to push the boundaries. This is horrible and shocking. I truly have trouble comprehending most of it. Nobody in the church spoke up? The entire congregation cannot be so crazy as to blame the victim, right? You'd think one person would hear the 15 year old apologize for being raped and think "this isn't right, I'm calling the cops.". But no. Apparently not. I simply cannot believe it. This poor girl
Do all religions hate women? Seriously, WTF. These types of stories are the reason why I can never go back to church...well, maybe not the only reason but it's at the top of my list (#2. no faith, and #3. I don't believe in magic).
@OTvalues: Unfortunately, the cure for rape is not more rape. But I understand your anger.
@14: You don't believe in magic? Well what about fucking miracles? You know, fucking RAINBOWS! Or fucking magnets; how do they work?
@ Venomlash:

It would take a miracle to fuck a rainbow, and don't even get me started on how I fuck's not magic.
Well, when you have a religion based on God raping the mother of his son in order to impregnate her, it's not difficult to see why all of these men of God see nothing wrong with their actions and blame it all on the women.

The two men should go to prison; the church should pay damages to the young woman and "believers" need to stop thinking that these people are in the minority in their churches. After all Trinity Baptist members sat there and allowed this travesty to occur. There's some great Christians for you. Apparently they all missed the point of the passage where Jesus told the men "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Jesus wasn't talking about protecting the men involved, but the woman. Wake up Christians.
*head explodes*
She's lucky she doesn't live in today's times, where the pastor that raped her is allowed to live a free life....wait...
WTF. This is absolutely horrible.
Jesus fucking Christ. This story got worse with every line, and that last quote has me in spasms of rage. I'm wondering whether I should cool down before I write my scathing email, or write it now and edit out all the profanity later (thereby reducing its length by half).
Confessing one's sins before the congregation is normal for fundie xtian religions. And tho her rapist was twice her age and experience, she's the one who parted those meat curtains, so she shares culpability. And there's really no need to be involving 'the world's' authorities, since the only ones that count are god's authorities- the church elders. There's not a soul in this congregation that thought anything but that the proper steps were taken for such things.
This shit goes on EVERY SINGLE DAY in America. The American Taliban, at its finest.

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