The evening of May 26 begins with two women pleasantly chatting on a bus and ends in two allegedly stolen purses, a fight in a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut hybrid restaurant, and a confrontation at an Aurora Avenue motel, according to the filed police report.

It's Wednesday afternoon. A woman disembarks a bus in the Greenwood area to meet her mother, only to realize she left her purse on board. She and her mother decide to follow the bus in her mother's car and get it back.

Several stops later, the women catch the bus, where a male passenger tells the victim that "the woman that had been sitting across from her had taken her purse and got off the bus" at N 90 Street and Aurora Avenue N, according to the report.

The victim and her mother backtrack a few bus stops. There, the victim sees another passenger from her bus, who tells the victim she saw the suspect take her purse, disembark, and cross the street to the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut to get something to eat.

The victim enters the food joint and sees the suspect waiting in line. She sneaks up behind the suspect and allegedly spots her purse laying inside the suspect's purse, so she grabs it. When the suspect realizes what's going on, she starts "cursing at her and tried to leave," the report states.

The victim wants the suspect to stay until the police arrive. The two fight and the victim falls. The suspect flees—leaving her purse behind.

Police arrive. They retrieve the suspect's purse from the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut hybrid restaurant. Inside it, they find more of the victim's property. After a bit of sleuthing, they discover that the suspect is staying at a nearby motel on Aurora Avenue. The suspect has a room key in her purse, so they go. They knock. She answers the door. When questioned, the suspect claims that the victim stole her purse. When officers counter, "'because you were concealing her purse inside your purse.' The suspect replied, 'that's bull crap.'"

Meanwhile, the victim positively identifies the suspect from the patrol car. Officers arrest the suspect for investigation of theft and possible robbery charges. Then they drive the victim to her mother's house.

Happy endings like this rarely occur in police reports.