Denny Heck
  • Denny Heck
Back in February, I wrote about the formidable fundraising advantage that Democrat Denny Heck was developing down in southwestern Washington's 3rd Congressional District.

With 3rd District incumbent Congressman Brian Baird retiring, and pollsters rating the seat a tossup this November, it seemed to me wise that Democrats (or, at least, moneyed Democrats) were coalescing around a preferred candidate to back in the general—rather than gearing up for a bloody, possibly self-defeating primary fight. Today the odds of that kind of contested primary went to roughly zero, as state senator Craig Pridemore (D-Vancouver) announced he's dropping out of the primary race because of inadequate fundraising.

I regret the need to exit this race, but it is clear to me that the long session placed our campaign at a clear disadvantage. While I wish I had been able to focus on my campaign earlier, I am proud that my focus this winter was where it needed to be: addressing the real issues facing the working families and small businesses of Southwest Washington. I entered politics to excel at public service, not the other way around.

Pridemore is endorsing Heck, who he now believes is "in the best position—and is the best candidate—to win the seat in November."