Maybe if they keep draining the Everglades the entire state of Florida will just drop down a big hole and be covered by the ocean. As far a Guatemala goes, there's another cenote for the tourists to dive in. It may draw in some foreign exchange.
Sinkholes are common in Florida due to the geology. It's a karst landscape, meaning there's lots of highly dissolvable limestone bedrock that gets hollowed out by acidic moisture and forms giant underground caves that collapse when they get too big.
My theory is that the Gulf oil spewage is creating a huge vault in the earth that's sucking weak areas down towards itself. We should check this out with Golob.
I'm surprised nobody's tried to blame it on global warming yet.
The sinkholes have already been here. They left. We were too boring for them.…
So this Florida shopping mall with the sink hole has a church? People go to a church in a mall? (Are you allowed to bring in your Orange Julius?) Florida is a strange land indeed.
@4: SCUDs, dammit!
The one in Guatemala is scary. Their must be a huge cavern underneath it, or something. I would be moving.
"A 20-foot hole has opened underneath an Orlando shopping center that holds several businesses and a church."

When will Floridians understand that God hates Republicans for all of their secret sinning?
That Guatemalan one looks fake to me. Just too perfectly symmetrical and out of place.

The huge underground caves in Florida are for real, though. There is a little cottage industry of spelunkers down there.
@9: I agree. Something about the sheer depth and perfect roundness of the hole is just damn disconcerting.
All the cenotes you see in the Yucatan Peninsula and guatemala are always very round. there must be some geo-physical resaon for it.
There was the sinkhole that went chomp chomp in Eastlake a few years ago.

And Greenwood's built on a peat bog so is probably due for a sinkhole - perhaps right after they finish rebuilding what that arsonist burned down. Asshole sinkhole.
Ugh... I hope BOTHELL is not on weak land....

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