A former youth pastor couldn’t stay away from a teen-age girl he was accused of sexually assaulting then stabbed himself as deputies closed in as he violated a protective order remains in jail on $1.75 million bond. Paul A. Lisowski, 27... was most recently charged with obscene communication with a minor, interfere with the custody of a minor and violation of a court order telling him to stay away from the girl. On May 18, the girl’s father told deputies his daughter’s behavior had changed in the past few weeks so he put a program “webwatcherdata” on the computer to see if the two were chatting. He gave deputies the transcripts of what the program caught.... [Lisowski] wrote: “I came for u Will u leave with me” and “OK, assuming they didn’t tell the cops, what d u wanna do we either run now and get as much time as possible or wait and see how thongs turn out…” .... The deputy acting as the girl also asked him what she should bring. “Basic stuff as much as u can fit in a bag u can get through the window and not make noise with and any cash.


A man is charged with involuntary manslaughter for a crash that killed a teenager riding in his car while he was working as a youth minister. Authorities say Damion Fassnacht, 25, was driving more than 80 mph on Northwest 68th Street last Oct. 11 when he struck a vehicle at North Ames Avenue in Kansas City, North. The posted speed limit was 45 mph. He reportedly was driving youth group members to their church. Kelsey Morris, 16, of Platte City, died. Three other passengers and the driver of the other vehicle were hurt.


A former Post Falls church youth leader could be out of custody in about six months after being sentenced Thursday for three counts of statutory rape. Jordan C. Vernon, 20, was sentenced by Kootenai County District Court Judge John Mitchell to three consecutive sentences of two to six years.... Vernon was accused of having sex with at least two girls, ages 14 and 17, and of having inappropriate contact with at least two others, ages 12 and 14, from 2007 to 2009. Police say he met and began grooming the girls for sex while serving as a youth leader in training at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls.