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I would personally like to congratulate the staff writer for for making the first entry almost completely incomprehensible. The texting at the end has slightly better grammar.

I think I know where they went to journalism school!
Idaho! Whoo! Not just full of creepy closeted gay republicans-we have creepy het kidfuckers too!
Civilization is a thin facade, covering the heart of an animal.
I wish that Idaho dude was gay...
The last one is cute. I'd do him, even if I was 17.
Dan, the 2nd one doesn't seem to fit. It could've easily have happened to any person. It's tragic someone was killed, but there seems to be no sexual angle to the story. I thought Youth Pastor Watch focused on older, supposedly conservative Christian leaders taking advantage of young people?
Dan is an asshole.
@6, lol, i was just thinking that i'd wanna do the first one if i was 17. or now. he's cute in a crazy way.
Thongs always turn out the same :(
@7 - Church leaders (especially those entrusted with kids and teens) are supposed to be held to a higher standard than even regular Christians (who mostly claim they get better morality from their faith than the rest of us get), and part of that is not driving 40ish miles over the speed limit. I can see accidentally doing twenty over, max. Forty over is just insane.
First guy: crazy eyes, but hot. Third guy: totally cute.

And, P.S., I wouldn't call either one a pedo - just straight dudes, affiliated with churches, caught with minors. But let Dan spin it as he'd like, even if it is bullshit. Seems to make him feel better.

@12: Dan generally doesn't spin the YPW stories as pedophilia. He just puts whatever articles about youth pastors ping his Google news updates. I've even seen him put in a positive story (about a youth pastor acting in a play). I think it's just a reminder that youth pastors are as human as anyone else and that Christianity doesn't automatically make people more moral than non-Christians.
How many positive stories?
Two? Four?
Compared to a couple of hundred negative stories-
Are there a hundred molesters for every good youth pastor?

You are so full of BULLSHIT.
Are you aware of that fact?
You are leaking,
do clean up after yourself-
Please don't leave that
stinking putrid green mess around here....

YPW is distorted hate mongering
antiChristian bigotry.

Did you catch Dan's "Nigger Watch"?
He reports on every crime committed by a black, anywhere in the world. He especially likes to highlight cases where black men rape white women.
It's just a reminder that blacks are as human as anyone else.
@14: Nobody's claiming that blacks are perfect people. (Well, maybe black supremacists, but they're few and far between.)
You Christians insist that your religion inspires morality in people, and that church-goers and pastors of any sort are inherently ethical and law-abiding good citizens.
A better comparison would be to run a series on great black intellectuals and scientists in order to dispel the false claim that white people are inherently smarter than black people.
the naples news needs almost as much copyediting as the creepy christian it quotes.
Both guys are hot

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