Bill O'Reilly discusses McDonald's "Come As You Are" campaign—which includes an ad featuring a gay teenager and his dad—and asks if the company is going to run an ad welcoming members of Al-Qaeda to come as they are.

Because, you know, gay teenagers with schoolboy crushes on classmates and the kind of Islamic fundamentalism that inspires Islamic regimes to execute gay teenagers and Islamic immigrants to bash gays and lesbians in France—hey, pretty much the same thing.

I also have to take issue with that statement by the French McDonald's executive: "There's obviously no problem with homosexuality in France today." If that's the case... why isn't this insanely cute gay teenager out to his gruff-but-loving dad? If the ad had ended with the teenager saying, "Dad, there's something I have to tell you..." and then we saw Dad lean across the table as the camera pulled back to put a hand on his son's shoulder in a clearly supportive manner, well, maybe then you could argue that everything's wonderful for gays in France.

And Bill? That 10% estimate is way out of date.