A week is a long time in politics, and it's been over a week since Republican Dino Rossi declared his candidacy for U.S. Senate (which declaration came after months of Rossi considering a run). So, now that he's in, where is Rossi on the issues? Surely he's had time to figure it all out, right?

Sort of. You can get a general sense of Rossi's beliefs from the brief speech he gave last week in Tacoma (overreaching government is bad, limited government is good), and you can get some very general position statements from the newspaper interviews he's given since declaring (here, here, and here). But for those who can't get an in-person audience with Rossi—and for those looking for detailed policy statements instead of just the general platitudes he's stuck to in interviews—there's no substitute for a good old online "issues" page.

Like, oh, the one on the web site of Rossi's rival, Patty Murray.

The odd thing is, Rossi doesn't have an issues page.

What exactly does his declaration that "every soul has a value" mean in terms of actual votes he might take as senator on the nitty gritty of abortion politics? Why won't he support a permanent ban on oil drilling off the west coast? What's in his "high wall" plan for the U.S.-Mexico border besides, you know, a "tall fence with a high gate"? As of now, you can't figure it out by going online.

Clock's ticking...