Slog commener wisepunk, seeing the color of Dino Rossi's online campaign logo, says:

Notice that the logo for his run isn't in Red White and Blue, but instead they are black (or real dark blue) and yellow. Seems like the same color scheme as the "don't tread on me" flags that are so popular with the teabagger crowd.

Maybe a tad conspiratorial, but we do know that politicians spend a lot of time figuring out color schemes and logo designs for their campaign materials. We also know that Rossi's first campaign hire, Pat Shortridge, is simultaneously serving as a senior strategist for Florida senate candidate (and Tea Party darling) Marco Rubio—so presumably Shortridge knows "Don't Tread on Me" yellow when he sees it.

I'll ask Rossi's campaign if there's any intentional hue whistling going on here. But, while we await the (unlikely) answer, it's worth considering that whatever the color of his campaign signs, Rossi already seems to have the Tea Party vote sewn up.

Yakima Tea Party Rally, April 10, 2010.
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  • Yakima Tea Party Rally, April 10, 2010.

UPDATE: Rossi spokesperson Mary Lane Strow e-mails:

Sorry to disappoint any conspiracists out there, but Dino's campaign colors have been blue and yellow since he ran for the state senate in the 1990s.