Don't Tread On Me is also the slogan of the US men's World Cup squad. Their shirts have a snake-and-dtom logo on the back of the shield on the front (i.e., inside the shirt, next to the heart).
blue and yellow is also the colors of the human rights campaign... but i'm sure that was an accident and they'll fix it when they realize the mistake they made
More curiouser; why did stop collecting his site?*/http://www.…
You can't use Cal colors, Rossi. We are permanently at war with your spiritual leader, Reagan.
when did the gadsden flag, whose snake represents the unification of the states against their royal oppressors, become co-opted by anti-gov't individualists?

makes as much sense as co-opting the boston tea party.
I deal with logos every day, so this stuff sticks out. I didn't think it would end up as a Slog post...

I really think this is an opprotunity to go after Rossi, and in general, his misguided supporters.

"What federal campaign can you think of in the last 30 years that used something besides a red/white/blue scheme? Why doesn't Dino love America?"

Yeah it is a little out there, but I lived in Eastern Washington for 15 years and I understand how they think out there.
didn't he use yellow and blue in his losing campaigns for governor?
I think he just likes yellow and blue, and losing…
i just like that the timber rattler the teabaggers embrace is also known as the pit viper, swamp rattler, bastard rattlesnake and Crotalus horridus...

'cause yeah, on those swampy pit horrid bastards it works.
It's so you don't notice when people pee on the signs.
It's because Dino Three Strikes Rossi's colors just run - like the scared little rabbit he is.

He'd have put up a white flag background, but he's saving that for his rebel yell when he and Tim Eyman move to Idaho with our posse hard on their heels.
yellow = cowardice
blue = depression
yellow + blue = green
green = $
Has Trig endorsed him yet? Also?
@13: When I saw it, I very nearly shit brix.
Sorry to disappoint any conspiracists out there, but Dino's campaign colors have been blue and yellow since he ran for the state senate in the 1990s.

This almost earns a "How's that yellowy-bluey stuff working out for ya?" moment. It's very Empire State.

@4: Learn to robots.txt. It's fairly inconsequential and standard.
Too bad you guys are OLD and don't have Facebook accounts.

Otherwise you'd know that in Dino-land:

"In just the first week, we have signed up over 2,500 people online, attracted over 20,000 Facebook followers, third most of any US Senate candidate and nearly twice that of Senator Murray, and raised over $600,000, including nearly $200,000 online. "
@18: At what age is one defined as "old"? Older than Dino Rossi?
That lady has no neck.
Ha ha why is it that the more neo-con you get the uglier you are
He's had the same colors all along. I still drive past two of his signs, giant signs that his diehard acolytes never removed, every damn day.

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