Last week I wrote:

You can get a general sense of [Dino] Rossi's beliefs from the brief speech he gave last week in Tacoma (overreaching government is bad, limited government is good), and you can get some very general position statements from the newspaper interviews he's given since declaring (here, here, and here). But for those who can't get an in-person audience with Rossi—and for those looking for detailed policy statements instead of just the general platitudes he's stuck to in interviews—there's no substitute for a good old online "issues" page.

Like, oh, the one on the web site of Rossi's rival, Patty Murray.

The odd thing is, Rossi doesn't have an issues page.

It's now been two weeks since Dino Rossi entered the race for U.S. Senate, promising "a great campaign to help put things right." But over at, it's still far from clear what he thinks is wrong, and what he's proposing in terms of fixes.