I was really pleased to discover that plans were afoot to build a mosque at Ground Zero. Could there be a more elegant way to say that everyone with a message of peace is welcome in America? But of course, teabaggers caught wind of it, and now everything is going to shit.

* Please, please, someone tell me this is a very, very sick joke. Please? My stomach is turning, my head is spinning, and the souls of the dead and the cries of the families are screaming in my ears.

* Over my dead body.

* Will we see an Aryan Nation office next door to the Holocaust museum?

* To put a mosque at Ground Zero would be as bad as putting a flag with a rising sun at Pearl Harbor.

* The Muslims want to say to families: We killed 3,000 of your people, and now we will build a monument to Muslims who were martyrs. These people are totally evil, and New York is setting itself up for another attack!

* I think the “zero” in Ground Zero stands for the amount of respect our government has for this country they are running and the nearly 3,000 lives massacred by this peaceful Islamic religion. … If the Muslims want to put a symbol of peace where the largest terrorist attack in the history of our country has occurred, how about a cross? The cross symbolizes Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for those 3,000 innocent lives and even for the ones flying the planes and the ones planning their next attack on American soil! That’s the greatest symbol of peace you could ask for. God bless America.

Expect a lot of Fox News outrage and anti-Islam teabagger hate in the next few weeks about this. They're just getting started.