Mario does not believe in the CLEAR act. He has a spaceship, he just travels to a new planet
Face it, if it wasn't for the Western States passing initiatives to require between 10 to 20 percent alternative energy, the USA would be even further behind if we waited for the DAWDLERS in the US Senate to get their acts in gear ...
by the way, you should see the hit piece America-hating Samuelson wrote in the WaPo today saying that we should love oil and not invest in alternative energy.
I can't wait for the Rube Goldberg monstrosity that is the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill to collapse of its own weight, so we no longer have to hear the politicians and pundits tell us that's the only game in town if you want energy legislation.

Once the dust settles on Kerry-Lieberman, Cantwell-Collins provides the foundation, the framework, for how to think about energy legislation going forward. It's the kind of plan that can pass muster with economists and environmentalists, but which you don't have to be an economist or an environmentalist to understand. The same cap-and-dividend approach is already working in British Columbia, and it was actually introduced by a conservative government (well, conservative by Canadian standards).

Senator Cantwell, I'm proud to have you as my United States Senator.
sounds good, but seeing as how its coming from and american politian, im slightly suspisous, what could be some of the unintended consiquences? (you never know)

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