"Ninth safest city of comparable size" tells us nothing. What if there are only nine cities in that size group? That would make Seattle the.....least safe city for its size.
an article about a web site that doesn't even give a link to the web site? what?
oh never mind... it goes live tomorrow, sorry.
Wonder if this will include ALL reported crimes, unredacted in frequency.
Considering we now don't report car thefts under $10,000 ...

I kind of wonder how useful it will be, considering everyone's driving around used cars nowadays.

I'll be that spot on the map where you see the uptick of taggers found hanging from street lamps.
You could also just go to Jonah's site for better information. He's been doing it for MONTHS now, girl. Seriously, where are you getting your news tips, honey? You are so behind the times, it's like you're reading year-old neighborhood blogs for your stories. I thought you're a reporter. Is that not the case? I guess you are the Slog local blog archivist?
So where is it?
Maybe the site will include the police brutality running rampant in our streets and call those crimes too, because they are. The use of unnecessary force certainly does not create feeling protected by the police. Racial profiling is also another problem that simply can't be denied. As let's not ever forget about how many mentally ill individuals are still going to jail and not being treated compassionately. I have lived here all my life and what I'm beginning to fear the most is the police. Don't get me wrong, I'm the first one to call them if I need to but why should anyone have to fear the police. Many have witnessed police brutality that never gets reported. All one has to do is take a close look on an officers face and you know it could be you.
I would like to see a watchdog committee specific to police brutality in place consisting of members outside of the department to not only oversee and report but to begin setting up programs for officers that teach empathy, self responsibility, and real awareness. We don't need anymore cops, we need to replace the violent ones with better ones.

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