In honor of Pride Week, Questionland presents a panel of gays to answer your questions. The panelists:

*Sex columnist/author/national gay spokesmodel Dan Savage!
*Musician/writer Gina Young!
*Writer/gayest gay ever™ Adrian Ryan!
*Psychodrag superstar and Pony manager Marcus Wilson!

We'll be answering your questions all week. Some questions already in play:

*What is the proper attire for a straight person marching in a gay-pride parade?

*How is Gay linked to Fabulous?

*Will watching the World Cup turn me into a cocksmoker?

As-yet unasked: Why do lesbians in straight porn always touch each other like they're all made of porcelain? How do gays and lesbians circumnavigate the "ick factor"? Does this fat suit make me look fat? Get to asking.