Vangelis should sue for copyright infringement.
I'm guessing all the young and attractive people that know how to read from cue cards were busy that day. What a sad looking bunch.
Next time, Tangerine Dream.…
You guys should investigate through your channels to see whose music that is, and if the state Republicans have the legal right to use that. Otherwise, YouTube will nuke the audio track.
It's a common background track on This American Life. That or it's included with Garage Band on every Mac. Can't remember.
They read well.
That's awesome. They're so right-wing their voices only come over the right-hand speaker. Awesome.
@5 but is it something public domain, is the more important question, and if not did they obtain permission to use it?
Turns out private corporations can sue to take things out of public domain, even works from long dead authors from the last century.

Thank our activist right-wing Supreme Court for that one. Happened this week, greedy SOBs.
@5 I think you're right... GarageBand.

@8 All of the audio clips included with GarageBand is free to use, even for commercial purposes.
WHOA. The guy in the red shirt and gray suit affirming "I AM a Republican" at 1:28? He couldn't be shaking his head "no" any harder. Way to scream with body language, man.
If they believe all those things, then why do they consistently vote contrarywise?

It's only contrarywise in their minds if'n you're agin what they're fer (e.g. they like "limited gubbamint", but not so limited that it can't tell people what to do with their own bodies).
I believe...they should have been able to make that video without cue cards.
@11 Great catch!! That is hilarious!!
I believe that was so boring I could only take 38 seconds of it
Well of course they're proud to be Republicans. These days you have to either be proud or crazy, right? It's like - "I'm missing a couple of chromosomes and my it's-all-about-me reptilian brain is a little whack." But they can't say that - so they say they're proud.
Those people had some lopsided faces.
I'm glad I live in Washington State, where the Republican platform is _boring_. I didn't listen to the whole thing, but most of it was about as objectionable as a Jello shot. Is anybody out there in favor of unfair immigration policy? Unlimited government power? And yes, I know a lot of what the reasonable words are code for very unreasonable things, but given the shit coming out of Texas, it serves to be appreciative of the milquetoast seniors in this video.

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