A royal wedding in Sweden:

Daniel and Victoria opened the dancing with a beautifully danced waltz, while kings, queens and government ministers watched from the edge of the dance floor. They were then joined by an equally accomplished King and Queen and Olle and Ewa Westling. They must have trained for months. On the next song, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik join the throng, along with a number of other guests, including the Royal Court's press relations boss, Nina Eldh. Singer Peter Jöback is dancing with his male partner, gym instructor Oscar Nilsson. The first gay couple to dance a waltz together at a Royal Wedding? Perhaps. Whether that's first or not, it underlines that Sweden's beloved traditions and cherished openness, modernity and forward-looking spirit can go hand in hand.

A gay pride parade in Chicago:

Blackhawks President John McDonough is rerouting the Stanley Cup from the NHL draft in L.A. to the gay pride parade Sunday... and Blackhawk defenseman Brent Sopel has volunteered to represent the team. "I am honored to do it," said Sopel, who will be accompanied by wife, Kelly, and his four kids, Jacob, 12, Lyla, 8, Jayla, 6, and Paul, 20.... Sopel also is marching in honor of Brendan Burke, the son of Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke, who was killed in a car accident two months after coming out late last year. "When Brendan came out, Brian stood by him, and his whole family stood by him, like every family should," said Sopel. "We teach our kids about accepting everybody. Tolerate everybody, to understand where everyone is coming from."

A reception in Washington D.C.:

President Barack Obama told LGBT advocates who attended a White House Pride reception Tuesday that he would stand “shoulder to shoulder” with them as they fight for equality across the country.... White House officials also made an effort to invite younger activists from across the country who gave Obama a very warm welcome even if not all of them are thrilled with his policies. Twenty-six year old Morgan Keenan who works with the St. Louis-based youth organization GAY (Growing American Youth) called it “progress” that the White House even holds such a reception but also expressed disappointment on LGBT equality advances. “I know a lot of people in D.C. sort of play nice sometimes,” Keenan said, “well, I’m in the states and I’m very angry about it.” When Keenan pulled the lever for Obama, he said he expected more “blanket support” for LGBT issues and a faster withdrawal of the troops from the wars overseas.

Still waiting for actual victories on DADT, ENDA, and DOMA.