Can you tame a pressed ham?
Perhaps you're a sucker for a writer who is unable to tame the English language, and so constructs endless run on sentences. Perhaps.
When I tried to tame a pressed ham, they adjusted my dosage.
Sorry, but the American need to make writing "appealing to an 8th grader" (no thanks, Vonnegut) leaves out many of my favorite authors: Celine, Robbe-Grillet, etc. (Currently: Check out Eileen Myles' "The Importance of Being Iceland" for some wonderful long sentences that are sinewy with thought and flow.) Thanks, Brandon.
Whoops, Brendan. All apologies.
@2 is right. That's run-on gibberish. The writer needs to investigate some other punctuation marks besides commas. The real long-sentence masters, Henry James, f'rinstance, would be appalled. Not that it made him an interesting writer but he knew what a semi-colon was for. Even Louis-Ferdinand Celine knew to use ellipses instead.
Oh, and "pressed ham" has one and only one meaning in the Stranger universe.
#2 and #7. It's not a single sentence; it's just punctuated all wrong.
#2 and #6. fixed.
I'll take ellipses over commas, too, Fnarf, though I was thinking more about the ranty sections of "Journey to the End of the Night" than the full-on "Death on the Installment Plan" Celine.

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