From HuffPo:

The... mind, as most people think about it, does not exist in conventional science, because the expressions of consciousness, such as choice, will, emotions, and even logic are said to be brain in disguise. As astronomer Carl Sagan put it, "[The brain's] workings — what we sometimes call mind — are a consequence of its anatomy and physiology, and nothing more." (10) Nobelist Francis Crick in his 1995 book The Astonishing Hypothesis was equally explicit, saying, "'You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules. As Lewis Carroll's Alice might have phrased it: 'You're nothing but a pack of neurons.'" (11) Or, as Marvin Minsky, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology cognitive scientist and artificial intelligence expert, put it more crudely, "The brain is just a computer made of meat." (12) Crick went further. In his subsequent book Of Molecules and Men, he wrote, "The ultimate aim of the modern movement in biology is to explain all biology in terms of physics and chemistry" (13) — to analyze, in other words, the meat. And lest there be no doubt about where he stands, philosopher Dennett says, "We're all zombies. Nobody is conscious." (14)
Isn't it closer to the truth to say the brain is a computer made of fat? And isn't there a difference of meaning between meat and fat? Saying meat is one thing; saying fat is another? When one associates the brain with meat, he/she is in a sense reinforcing the kind ideology that imagines the cause for the human brain's expansion (2 million years ago) to be improved access to animal protein—better hunting methods, killing tools, and so on. This then links the development of the human brain to murder rather than sociality. Always in this cowboy culture of ours, every effort is made to deny the obvious: the "species specific intersubjectivity of the human animal."