Neighborhood blog roundup.

Nothing says summer like roofing tar
  • Image Via Central District News
  • Nothing says summer like roofing tar
Yesterday, as city council members, community leaders, and reporters who weren't covering the police chief announcement toured the University District, teenagers ruined it for everyone. The U District Daily reports that a screaming match over an allegedly stolen iPod broke out across the street from the walking tour, before being calmed by the University Police. While there is no word on the age of the screamers, everyone knows only whippersnappers get upset over that newfangled hooey.

However, teenagers didn’t have all the fun, as reports that police are seeking a 71-year-old man who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend’s teenage grandson with a baseball bat at their home in North Seattle before "absconding by way of a motor home" (which is the best phrase I have seen all month). Speaking of adolescent stereotypes, a hallowed adolescent pastime almost resulted in tragedy, reports CHS, when a pot dealer allegedly pulled a gun on a client at the 76 station at Broadway & East Roy Street after asking for ID to prove the man wasn’t a cop. According to the police report, the dealer then took the wallet and the $400 inside before also absconding in his white Lexus.

In West Seattle, the streets are increasingly populated by fruit stands, reports the West Seattle Blog. While many see this as a plus, some in the area are wondering whether or not these vendors have the permits required to sell on the street. Scandal!

Finally, in less appealing summer news, the Central District News reports that the $700,000 re-roofing of TT Minor Elementary school (at 1700 E Union St) has begun. The job is scheduled to last two more weeks, not a moment too soon for area residents, who say that it's been stinking up the neighborhood since it began.