Yeah, creating a "district" for porn seems to be the entire point.
You can have "districts" on the internet? Is there some Neuromancer/Hackers/Johnny Mnemonic-cyberpunk type traveling device thing that I don't know about?
Having the ENTIRE internet being porn works for me.
This is so pointless, it's just a cash cow for ICM Registry.

Anybody running 'Hot Llama Porn' buys up,,,, plus common misspellings. Now they just add to the list. They're not going to drop the others, somebody else will just buy them up to take advantage of trademark confusion via search engines. I can think of half a dozen misspellings, times whatever they end up charging per year. Combine that with everybody wanting to buy up the .xxx versions of their non-porn domain (, anybody? how about, and it's a license to print money, benefiting noone besides the registrar.
From what I understand, the idea may be that future laws will require sites centered around adult content to be in the .xxx domain only. It won't change much right away but in the future search sites and others will have filters that will more easily filter out adult oriented sites and people not looking intentionally to find them will have an easier time avoiding the content. Doesn't seem like there's much of a downside, to me, as it just means people in the future might have an easier time finding just what they want.
@5 has a point, but if they really wanted to make it easier to find just what you want they would create domains like .shaved or .asian. The "xxx" thing is a little vague.
I already registered as a domain name
Every adult site will be forced into the ".xxx ghetto". The ".xxx" domains will be filtered out by every mainstream search engine, and by every internet provider, unless you're willing to pay extra. There will be no more free porn (or, eventually, even nudity) on the net. Just what the right wants. This is a real blow against freedom.
I miss the Hello Kitty bondage room at Osaka's Hotel Adonis.
Maybe I should buy
Shit, my ISP doesn't sell those. :-(
So, when can we register these using our Comcast accounts?
Just don't register (as per article #1 in the Fucking Republicans series)

*shudder* although there's probably a market for that, too.
Arsenic7 @5 is right, it will allow net admins, search engines, and 'SafeSearch'-type web-filter programs to easily prevent The Children from stumbling across pron. Unlike now.

People who understand how the Net works have wanted this for awhile. *Porn producing organizations* have wanted this for awhile. But ironically, prurient puritanical sex-phobic types have prevented the creation of an .xxx domain until now.

I could be wrong, but I hardly think this will be the end to free porn. It will just be easier to find it.
This will NOT be the end to free porn at all. Porn makes up such a huge margin of searches that most search providers will have no recourse but to include it. Some may even encourage it and possibly do a better job categorizing it than currently.

Imagine a search engine STRICTLY for porn sites, a legitimate one without crazy popups and the ability to search by category, file sive, video length etc.

Just the thought is giving me a ghost-boner.
@14 I don't know of a single porn-producing person (including myself) who wants this. It's pointless without some kind of mandate to force adult content out of .com, which I'd also oppose.

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