We've scratched our heads at them, we've attended them to see if they would improve our real estate portfolios (results: poor and poorer ), and now organizers have finally admitted what has been obvious to almost everyone else for at least month: Dino Rossi giving a series of paid seinars to Bellevue well-to-dos about how cash in on the recession is—even if explainable in purely economic terms—not very smart in political terms.

Leery of running afoul of campaign-finance rules, organizers of a series of real estate seminars featuring Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi canceled the final one this week.

Rossi had been mocked by Democrats for participating in the seminars, which included advice on buying waterfront homes at foreclosure auctions.

Some observers had questioned why Rossi continued to give the talks after declaring for the Senate race. Rossi said he was merely honoring a contract signed last year before he knew he was running.

But the publicity finally spooked the seminar organizers, who decided to call off a final Rossi seminar in Bellevue.

A wise, if very late, move. Perhaps it will give Rossi more time to spend updating his web site—which, a month into his candidacy, still lacks an issues page.