He's running on nothing. He's always run on nothing. It's that greasy smile and his slick used car salesman persona. And it just might work this cycle. ACK!
You are not British. It's 'canceled' with one L
Canadians use two L's as well. I hate how the spellcheck software doesn't let me type words properly.

That said, he's probably worried about people making attack ad viral vids when he lets slip something.
Dino loves being a loser.
I think Rossi is going down in flames, but he does have an issues page:

Admittedly, it's hidden behind a stupid splash page and most people wouldn't know how to find it. And, of course, it's full of pablum. But it is there.
@5: He just got a brand new web site today, and it was launched after I posted this.
@ 6 - He's really on the ball, isn't he? Only took him a month.

Maybe he'll get around to campaigning come October.
So did the woman who was squatting in a Kirkland waterfront mansion attend one of Rossi's seminars?

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