Nice photo, Chris.
Oh...and we all know that anything right out of the orchard is so much better than anything you'll ever find in a supermarket, right?
chances are, yup. i eat local/organic when I can not out of any altruism, but because I am a pig and it tastes a million times better. plus, it usually hasn't been waxed.
But is it legal?…

sorta edit: I realized as I was previewing this post that I'm just a little bitter that no one's going to consider hassle this friendly white guy selling organic cherries, while people are taking blurry surveillance photos of Latinos selling fruit in West Seattle like they're on some kind of dangerous stakeout.
That's adorable. I love how the little paper red-dotted baskets co-ordinate with the trim on the umbrella. SWOON!
There was a Mexican bro on 19th and Thomas the on Tuesday selling Strawberries. I didn't buy any but I support that sort of thing.
I just noticed that it's Kelly's photo. Props, Kelly.
He's cute. Can I pop his cherry? :)
I was wondering why it took 8 comments for that one to come up...
"The man selling them is a friend of the farmer."

Can I assume that the farmer is named Dorthy?
Yeah, you're all about his "thing", Frizzelle.
8 & 10:

Well, he has set up a cherry stand in the middle of Queer City during Pride Weekend. So, we can almost assume that he's open-minded, but I'm wondering if I've ever known a gay man whose name is Travis.


I would have mentioned that he's cute earlier, but when one is in his fifties, almost everyone under 35 is cute whether he is or not. And, knowing that, I try to show a little self-respect and discipline.
@12: I know two gay Travises.
@12 Self-respect and discipline are overrated. I'm 45, and I plan to be completely undisciplined by 50, except regarding Ben & Jerry's Vermonty Python ice cream, which I may have to ration.
Does he sorta reminds me of Adrien Brody. enjoy!
I know several gay guys named Travis and a few that go by Trav
Yeah, Travis is a super-gay name; he's ADORABLE! He offered me a sample, and he's even more adorabler in person.
He'z qute!
Aw, it's my buddy! Sorry fellas, he isn't gay.

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