I wanted to say thank you for writing your column on FTM pleasure this week. My fiance is a pre-op FTM. We have sex pretty frequently and it's satisfying on both ends, but your column this week made me decide to go and buy a strap-on for him, even though funds are tight for us. He never really talks about his gender identity (it just doesn't come up in our relationship, and I don't even think about it), but I should have figured that his non-assembled cock would cause some apathy/agony where sex was concerned. He kept asking if I was sure I wanted to spend money on something "just for sex," but after using it for the first time he had tears in his eyes. It meant so much to him, more than he thought it would. Thank you for reminding me that although I see him as 100% male, he's still an FTM and that I need to remember that in regards to not just our sex life, but his life in general.