Frizzelle, 1:56: "If I pass out, can you, the liveslog community, please push me onto my side so I don't drown?" [Had been drinking since 7 am, on practically no sleep.]

Fnarf, 2:05: "WARNING WARNING: major drop in quality of play may cause confusion, headaches, vomiting."

Fnarf, 2:48: "Ljungberg's mohawk is tragic."

Fnarf, 3:10: "OK, I found Christopher's cell number. Should I call him and see if he's alive, or let him snooze it off?"

[Fnarf called. I was, in fact, sleeping.]

Frizzelle, 3:32: "I was taking a nap with Roger Levesque."

Josh, 3:49: "The reverence that these announcers have for this new suburban stadium is comical."

Philadelphia wins 3-1. Goddamn it.