At the :10 second mark, you'll say, "Okay... what the fuck." At the :20 second mark, you'll say, "Wait... wait. Oh my.... WHAT THE FUCK." At the 2:15 mark you'll say, 'AUGGHHH!! Oh Jesus. Oh wow." At 4:30 you'll say, "Aww... AWWWWW!" At 5:15 you'll scream, "AUGGHHH!!" again. And finally at 5:35 you'll say, "Okay... I'm exhausted. I need to lie down with a cool washcloth on my forehead."

Watching this video is akin to surviving 'Nam. When you meet someone else who has also seen it, you'll just look at each other and nod, wordlessly. Nothing else ever needs to be said.
Thanks, Videogum.