Slog tipper Sue called to say that she likes baseball and was reading the Seattle Times this morning when she came along a curious passage in the sports section. Reporter Geoff Baker explains that Mariner Russell Branyan was late to a game "because a music festival in this city caused numerous flights to be sold out."

Having checked listings around town for the weekend, Sue concludes that the "music festival" Baker was referring to—the only event big enough to fill flights into town—is commonly referred as a gay-pride parade. Maybe the style guide doesn't allow the words "gay pride" in the sports section? Baker has not returned a call seeking comment on his choice of words.

UPDATE: Okay, I'm silly for not checking the article that Sue sent more thoroughly. The game was in Milwaukee, it looks like. Like Sue, I assumed the Seattle Times writer was in Seattle when he said "in this city." And I'm an idiot, thank you very much.