Gary Randall, who has fought to cloak petition signatures for Referendum 71, has a blog post titled, "Would You Do It Again?" He's asking, in essence, would people like him work on a campaign to attempt prohibiting gay marriage now that the Supreme Court ruled that names and personal information from initiatives are public?

Presumably he'd be arguing that—nope!—people wouldn't do it again! Releasing their names has a chilling effect on free speech! It was baaaaaaaad decision! It could stop people from fighting for what they believe! That's their whole point!

So Randall won't go through this process of running a campaign, getting that information on petitions...?

"Yes, I will do it again, if necessary."

Of course he will. He isn't afraid of fags kicking in his door. He never was. He just wants his supporters to have special rights to anonymity while they take away other people's rights. He says, "we need Christians standing publicly for what is right."