Who's shocked by this? The media always goes for the most salacious/dramatic/emotion-inspiring image. Don't want naked men on bikes illustrating your parade? Don't have naked men on bikes in your parade.
It speaks for itself. There just were not enough examples for shock value that would make old Christians cluck their tongues and scream "To the ramparts!".
But, but -- but that's irresponsible!
Wait. KC Star? Solid journalistic ethics, deep research, serious and engaged fact-checkers. Yeah.
The only article about pride here in my little southern city was about the pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church here blessing the unions of 20 couples. It was, of course, accompanied by pictures of a random drag queen and the New Orleans Gay Men's Chorus singing "YMCA."

On the plus side, the vast majority of the comments on the story favored gay marriage.

But, that's sort of the point here; I mean WERE there in point of fact nude male bicyclists at the 2010 New York Pride Parade? If so, why couldn't they run a picture of one of THEM, if they're going to go that route, rather than co-opt an image from an event that happened a year ago on the other side of the continent?
Surely if you've seen one gay, you've seen 'em all!
@5 -- I hear you. My comment did not effectively address the root cause (I think) of Dan's post which is, I gather, journalistic laziness.

Of which same is, in this case, mildly regrettable/predictable and, among all media, extant in such titanic proportions as to be a potential stuffer of the Deepwater Horizon well.

Carry on.
It's recycling, man, it's good for the planet.

Plus it's no surprise general news outlets laid off their photo editors after they stopped paying their photographers after the ad revenue dried up.

Plus, I'm sorry, it's a really cute picture. After Pride weekend I'm always much mellower about funny bodies.
Can I just say, as a Torontonian, that I am so pissed off that our pride weekend is the week after everyone else in the world. Stupid fucking G20. Stupid fucking Harper.
I thought that was a Solstice Parade picture. Considering the parade was 3 FUCKING HOURS LONG (or close to it), and the naked bikers were some of the most entertaining parts of it.

Can we have as much pride in half the time next year? I couldn't finish the parade this year. I was just so bored.

@9 At least yours is only a week off.

Vancouver's is in August.

That means I get to go to it sometimes, though. :-D
Mr. Misanthrope, sometimes I get the feeling you just don't like people.

(I don't really have to put a smiley face on this, do I?)
Crumpled is exactly the word that I would use to describe that tuchus.
Randomly, an ambulance and police car just drove by, both with lights on but no sirens. :S
@11 but I love you.

I'm just saying the pride parade could be a bit more succinct. Brevity is the soul of wit.
Hey, I can't NOT ride a bike without getting naked first! Just because I'm gay! And there's a buttplug PERMANENTLY ATTACHED TO THE SEAT!!! And that's the way it is for each and every gay man in the world.

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