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Yeah, I'm not going to judge you for not knowing much about female lubrication, but women can dry out pretty rapidly "during the act".
I think wet works as a noun. We should stick with "I'm getting wet" rather than trying a switch to "I'm wetting" It's only one extra syllable and we already say it. I like the addition of its use as a noun though for the "lick up my wet" type of option. I feel it's important here to note the difference between girl "i'm getting wet" and girl "i'm coming" because a girl might say "i'm coming" to indicate orgasm which would be different than getting wet.

So, what would we use as a noun to describe female ejaculate (six syllables)? are we really going with "Girlcum"? because I'd like a better word than that. I think we can just use "come" as a noun for female ejaculate.
@2: FE is "squirt". at least in my limited experience, it's not (neccessarily) directly associated with female orgasm.
Yeah, my boyfriend and I use wet as a noun--"I can't wait for you to taste my wet" etc. already, as well as the adjective--"I am getting so wet for you." I'm wetting sounds stupid and too close to peeing. Gross. That is one wet I do not want to be.
@4 Beat me to it. "I'm plotzing!"
Yeah, I think trying to invent a word for word's sake is difficult to do. Wet works though. My boyfriend and I already use it as a noun and an adjective ("I want you to taste my wet; I am getting so wet for you", etc.) but I'm wetting sounds too close to peeing. And that's one wet I don't want to be.
"Getting wet" is a phrasal verb, so there's no need to change it to simply "wet". (And if you did, you'd be adding a homonym to the the current transitive verb "to wet", as in "I wet my pants [with urine].") You don't "get wet" in the same sense that you "get lunch". If you're getting lunch, "get" is a transitive verb, and the direct object is "lunch". If you're "getting wet" you are not acquiring wet. Here, "get" is half of the phrasal, intransitive verb. I think your real issue is with the semantic finality of "coming". It smacks of a completed action, whereas "getting wet" seems constantly in progress. Perhaps one should say "I've gotten wet!" Really that's no different from crying out "I have come!" which is a silly, if albeit awesome, proclamation.
I've always heard it refered to as 'juice'.
Uhhh... how about " lick up my wetness" ?
I would think that one is already in use.
Agreed with #9. Juice.

I disagree that it needs its own verb. It's a state, not an event.
If you read enough smut, you might find the term "cooze", which I think works pretty well...
My sister's fave word for this is Spaff.
How about baste? As in "basting."

Let's look at the dictionary definition for a second:

Baste - tr.v. bast·ed, bast·ing, bastes
To moisten (meat, for example) periodically with a liquid, such as melted butter or a sauce, especially while cooking.

Sounds about right to me!
There's one glaring exception: vaginal lubrication. Two words, seven syllables, all suck. There's not a simple clinical term, there's not a slang term...

No slang term? Have you never heard of "pussy juice?" Some people might use it to refer to female ejaculate but it's generally used to refer to vaginal lubrication. I'm not sayin' it's the greatest slang term but it does exist (and it sure beats "Baby, I really love the taste of your vaginal lubrication.")
also, I use "come" for any gender. I had no idea not everyone was doing this. hm.
Wetting is what the puppy does on the carpet. Uh-uh to that one. Juicing is a little bit better, but not much.

I've heard "honey" and "nectar" used, but two-syllable terms are defeating the original purpose. And the only delicious fluids I can think of which are one-syllable are wine and beer - and "I'm wining" doesn't work for obvious reasons.

Rain? Mist? Damp? We need a whole new word, not a repurposed existing one.
16, same here. I've never liked "pussy juice" (I love pussy and I love juice but, for some reason, the two words together kind of make me cringe) so I just always use "come." Technically, someone could argue that "come" should only refer to female ejaculate, not pre-orgasm lube...but then someone else could throw that person over a cliff into shark-infested waters.
@ 4 & 6: Sorry; the phrase "I'm plotzing" will be forever associated with my great uncle pushing back his chair, satisfied at the end of a huge indigestible meal or any number of my female relatives of a certain age getting ready to hear particularly scandalous gossip. If anything, "plotz" is synonymous with "come," as it signals an explosion.

@ 9, 11, 15: yeah, "juice," pussy juice," "juices," or some other variant. "Lick up my juice, boy" is less ambiguous than "lick up my wet" (I want to say my wet WHAT?), and besides, who doesn't like juice?

@ 16: me, too. And "come" is the verb, while I can deal with "cum" for the noun.

But, oh boy, # 8, Qaraqhandy: I think I might be in love with you!
Plotz. Nuh-uh. Too Jewish-soundIng.
I like phrases like "you are so juicy!", and "god, you are wet". Using wet as a noun works fairly well too. 'Cooze' is far too close to 'ooze', and is gross. I've also heard it called 'vagoo', but that too isn't particularly appetizing. 'Tang', mentioned in the famous song as "sweet poon tang", is accurate flavorwise, but is somewhat confusing with its homonym brother (eg. "the knife's tang"), and has cultural connotations, not to say that it can't be reappropriated.

Using 'wet' as in "I'm wetting!" doesn't make any sense for the reasonss already given, it's not an exclamatory phrase. But it works quite well for the other uses; and lo, it's already used that way.

On a related note, how many of you, especially the girls, know what that wetness actually is? Hint: it's not from a special gland, like semen is. :)
Agree with 19. People seem to just call it "pussy juice," & why shouldn't they?
I vote for Juice. It sounds pleasant and delicious, whereas "wet" makes me think of a wet dog or a wet day- yuck.

Suggested usage: "I'm getting juicy", "lick up my juice", and "we got come and juice all over my sheets".
Goush. I haven't even spelled this before bit it's like "gush" with a softer sound than the "guh". Kinda like goosh, but not so intense an "oo" sound. In between. Have used this forever as the noun.
#21 Er, actually it is: the Bartholin's gland.
I always thought it was called quim.
People, people.…

It's cream.
(That's SFW and "required viewing" by the way)
Sorry... "wet" is hot. We like it. Especially when it's described to us by our female partners. It's just hot so... it doesn't matter what you call it. And if it gets too clinical, forget it.
I've always heard called "precum" as it is the fluid that comes out during arousal and before she cums, just like precum in guys that does the same job - sorta.
As a feminist nod:

If a Mr. shoots jizz,

A Ms. secretes mizz.
Am I the only person wondering if the picture is related?
I've always just relied on the verb "getting wet". But then again, I'm a dude.
Twat snot.

Oh dear Gawd, did I really type that?
Wet works for everything but a noun. As a noun, the only thing it makes me think of is how weird it sounds when British people talk about their "sick" instead of their vomit. "Lick up my wet" sounds like "clean up your sick", i.e., it sounds wrong and not just because it reminds me of vomit.
Uh, in my experience, there's no need for a noun for the liquidy aspect of female part of my partner I'm . . . working on (with whatever). The fingering/licking/nuzzling/tonguing/nibbling/fucking partner (male or female or otherwise) is not primarily concerned with the liquid. He/she/otherwise is taking the liquid as evidence of the response from the flesh (vulva, labia, vagina, clit) producing said or unsaid liquid lubrication. So this whole conversation seems rather unnecessary. But that's never stopped anyone on Slog before.

Hence, a proposed rule for sex act/sex noun neologisms: if someone utterly ignorant/virginal, addressed by their very first sex partner, would not understand what just happened or is being referred to, then a new word is a good idea (Goddamnit, I know you've never done this before, so I'm so sorry we just got. . . a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter . . . all over these 500 thread sheets Senator!).

If someone utterly ignorant can figure out what's going on without a specific word (I love how you lick/finger/taste my X, Y or Z) then we don't need a new word: everyone involved understands what is being tasted/referred to.

That's why we haven't had a word all along.

Another vote for juice.
@32: As a Chicagoan, I think that's Buckingham Fountain and I, myself, was just starting to realize that I'm never again going to be able to pass it without thinking about this.
"vige". Pronounced like vision without the "ion". Kinda like vag, kinda like jizz, but still a word all its own. Works well as a verb: I'm gonna vige all over you! and a noun: I've got vige leaking down my legs.

Last night was so wild, there was vige all over the sheets. You make me wanna vige all night. I'm viging for you, baby... Damn, I can smell the vige on you!
Well, at 45, I call it whatever's printed on the bottle of lube.
@37: I'm from about a mile north of city limits proper, so that explains why I didn't recognize the fountain right off...
The equivalent to "I'm coming" is "I'm having an orgasm". You can get wet without ever coming, so I think you need to redirect your search. Vaginal lubrication is equivalent to pre-cum, not coming per se.

That said, if the female version of jacking off is jilling off, why not use jilling to convey the wet+orgasm combo?

Anything but cooze- if anything that should be a term for what you get during a yeast infection.
Ok, first off, you are all wrong. "Wet" ISN"T the same as "come". "Wet" IS the same as "hard". It's a state of arousal, not a state of orgasm. "Oh my god you're so hard" "Oh my god you're so wet." Same same. Just as no one says "I'm harding", no one should ever say "I'm wetting". I see no reason why both men and women can't scream "I"M COMING" when one is having an orgasm. I think the phrase is generic enough to not have to mean "Oh my god stuff is squirting out of me" in a literal sense. I'm female and yell "I'm gonna come" all of the time and I don't have any female ejaculation. We don't need another word. Not for "wet", or when a female is having an orgasm.
How about "grok?"
"I'm soaking wet." It implies a LOT.
The words being proposed in this thread make me never want to see a vagina again. Gross.

Well, vige wasn't bad.
Who thought it appropriet to ask a fag this question?
If you're talking during sex, you're using your mouth wrong.
I think accuracy and clarity are best; women should shout "I am secreting vaginal lubrication" as they're getting wet, and scream "I am presently experiencing an orgasm!" when coming. Preferably in the frozen foods aisle of a grocery store.
In college, we referred to it as "quidge," which I like rather a lot. I'm pretty sure no one at that time knew much about, let alone had experienced, female ejaculation, so it referred just to female lubrication. The only downside was that it also got used more or less interchangeably with "schmutz" when we wanted a dirtier word for that.
I am wettening?
Wait, women "come" when we orgasm too, right? Why isn't it just cum, then? I'm so confused.
What about "cream," as in "the chicks will cream -- for greased lightning"? And of course the Prince song (@27).
my girlfriend and i also describe our respective vaginal lubrication as come... i've never questioned it
It's referred to as "flood" in The Vagina Monologues.
Highlander 2: The Quimining.
In my experience:

"I am wet." – Unless I've been sprayed by a garden hose, this means I am turned on physiologically.

"I am dripping wet for you." – Really turned on. Don't bother to buy me a drink, just take me home.

"You are making me wetter." – Good job! Keep it up.

"I'm going to gush all over your [insert: face, cock, hand, boot, sheets, terrier...] – If you're not into female ejaculation, stand back.

"Oh my god, I'm coming." [hopefully followed by the words "over and over"] - Verbal indication of orgasm, not always synchronous with ejaculation.
I'm with Chicago Fan and Debbie. No need for a new word.
@58 - that reference is actually to female ejaculation. I just performed that monologue. ;-)
I've got to agree with the others who've mentioned cream. It's what immediately came to my mind, it's the term I've been hearing and using for years, and it's already well entrenched in the culture. Why go inventing a new word for something previously established?
Yep, juice. "Mmmmm you're really juicing me baby!"
@64: I'm pretty sure e-stim already has dibs on that.
Awesome Pull quotes: 'I'm female and yell "I'm gonna come" all of the time' @43

"my girlfriend and i also describe our respective vaginal lubrication" @56
taco sauce

You Just gave me a wetty.
Clearly we need a 100% accurate and legally binding Slog Poll to resolve this.
In nursing they call everything sharp - blades, needles, what have you - "sharps," as in "dump your used sharps in this special container." I don't see why everything wet shouldn't be called "wet," as in "when we were done, the bed was totally disgusting with our wets."
Why can't women say "I'm coming" too?
ever since "The Happening" my friend has used "The Wettening". I believe this is an appropriate use as a verb.
Another vote for "juice", and another vote for needing an official poll :-)
Eww, juice? juicing? I don't want to envision my poor vagina getting all squeezed into a pulpy mess -- juicing is not a sexy process.

I like vige though.

Cream's pretty good too.
(and at least churning milk into cream involves putting a big stick into a thing over and over again.)

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