He really is pitiful.
What a disgusting fellow.
So, are you implying that Beck takes it both ways? Boy, what an eager fellow!
Glenn Beck needs the police dogs let loose on him. After that he should spend a night in jail perhaps with a large cellmate.

Then maybe he can start to compare himself to MLK.
Will he appear in blackface?
@5 brilliant
MLK fought the oppression of tyrannical liberals in the Democrat Party who opposed civil rights.

Glenn is doing the same.

He is a hero and a patriot.

Your continued cuteness without any rebut to what I've said shows what a shallow liberal you really are.

Did you get that talking point from Daily Kos?

Does it seem to anyone else that "restoring honor" on that date seems like he's trying to wipe away the Civil Rights legacy?
When I was growing up, there was a corner in our town where crazy people would gather and yell their thoughts to the sky and anyone who would stop and listen. Once in a great while, in passing, one might hear a coherent sentence. But mostly, it was the ranting of the insane. Some people would occassionally stop and listen, as a lark to get a good laugh. Some others would listen. They were also crazy and just waiting their turn. Other crazy people would listen attentively as though they were in church, and they would cosign the speaker. Most sane people kept walking. Eventually, the crazy corner was hassled enough by the police that the crazy stopped coming.

There is now a corner in our country where the crazy gather to yell their opinions to the sky and anyone who will listen. That corner is Fox News. Daily, the crazy gather there as though they are in church to hear their own dogma and doctrine regurtitated back to them as though it was manna from heaven. Glenn Beck is the most insane of the insane. Unlike some others who are smart enough to know that they are peddling bullshit to the masses (the criminally insane) Beck is just and simply insane. Those who listen to him are insane, or so mentally defective that they don't know any better.

The only difference between the crazy corner I grew up with and the crazy corner we have now is that the crazy corner I grew up with never effected policy or elections. The most dangerous thing about the crazy people who listen to the crazy corner is that there are enough of them that supposedly sane people listen to them because of their number.

I hope we can recover from the nationalization of the crazy corner before it is too late.
@11: I'm sorry, I can't question the validity of your argument until I see some evidence that such aforesaid validity exists.
Also, who are you to judge on issues of professionalism or on-topic discussion? I quote the FULL TEXT of one of your juicier posts:
"I've heard that sexting is one of the primary methods homosexuals use to recruit teenagers.

This is why it must be punished to the furthest extent of the law.

I'm normally a fierce libertarian, but I'll allow the government to do anything to stop the encroachment of homosexuality."
Do you even realize how moronic what you say is?

Again, in case you haven't yet realized that I'm saying the same thing in different languages and dialects:…

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