Alert "Savage Love" readers—a plurality of "Savage Love" readers, I'm hoping—will recognize this letter:

My friend is a gay-identified FTM. He's hot, he's cute, and above the waist, you would never guess what he's got down below. We love to kiss and cuddle, and from my end, his blowjobs are great. The problem is that I have no idea how to reciprocate. He isn't into anal (why would he be, without a prostate?), there's no cock for me to suck, and what he does have down below doesn't interest either of us.

Do you have any ideas on how I could turn him on and get him off? It's starting to frustrate me. Getting bottom work done is a long way off with the current finances.

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Porn superstar and frequent "Savage Love" guest expert Buck Angel responded to SFTSLAFI's letter in this week's "Savage Love" (it's the first Q&A in the column), so alert readers are probably wandering what SFTSLAFI's letter is doing here in SLLOTD.

That's a funny story.

When I first tried to email SFTSLAFI's letter to Buck, you see, I typed in "B" in the address field, like anyone would, and my email program automatically provided me with a long list of possible Bs that I could send the email to: Buck Angel, Luke Burbank, Becky, Grant Brissey, Bill Savage, Brendan Kiley. Somehow or other—perhaps I was momentarily distracted by a cute bartender—I clicked Becky, not Buck, and didn't notice the mistake before I clicked "send." Whoops. I only found out about my mistake because Becky was kind enough to write back and alert me. (Please note: I edit out all identifying details before I forward letters to guest experts; neither Becky nor Buck saw any of SFTLAFI's identifying details, i.e. his real name, email address, phone number, etc., had all been removed.) In addition to letting me know that Buck hadn't received my original email—which allowed me to make a second, successful attempt to reach Buck—Becky sent along her own advice for SFTLAFI.

Becky's response to SFTSLFI is after the jump...


Oh how I love you, Dan, but I think you have the wrong Buck. I am Becky, a genetically nonmodified female who wrote to you about a one-night stand I had with a submissive guy a while back. (I have moved on and am now sleeping with a guy with the largest cock I've ever seen.)

Since you asked, although I know you didn't intend to ask me, the gay boy sleeping with the FTM who says the FTM's new package is of no interest to him is being unfair. Maybe it's a little mangled unfamiliar down there but it should not matter! He better stick whatever is down there in his mouth and suck on it like it's made out of solid gold. Why? Because it belongs to his partner! Acceptance is the most important aspect of being GGG, I think. You have to make your partner feel you accept them and that you want to please them! I learned this from my current partner.

Dan, I literally farted in his face the first time we were together. It was during one of the best oral sex sessions I have ever received. Not only did he not stop when I farted, he looked at me like I was crazy when I pulled away from him in apologetic embarrassment. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to him and kept going. If that's not acceptance, I don't know what is.

I sorta wish I was the Buck you had on standby to answer questions! Even providing you unsolicited advice has been fun!