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The famous, jokey marquee of the Lusty Lady—personal favorite pun: veni vidi veni—will be adopted by the Museum of History and Industry. According to an announcement on Facebook, that paragon of truth and accuracy.

According to an email I got yesterday about the marquee from a dancer at the Lusty:

Right now, it looks as though there will be no marquee dismantling/funeral procession, as many different people are fighting over the rights to the sign. :(

All I can say about it right now is, there are lawyers involved.

Leonard Garfield, executive director of MOHAI, says that the Lusty Lady has definitely donated the sign part of the sign—technically known as the "lexan," he said—but not necessarily the frame that attached the sign to the building.

"There's some confusion about whether the frame is owned by the business or the building owners," Garfield said, "but I am very pleased to be able to display the sign." MOHAI is moving to the Lake Union Armory in a few years where it hopes to display several of its historic signs—the Rainier R; the Lusty Lady; the original, pre-globe PI sign—outside, if possible. "I'd love to be able to have them outside," Garfield says. "But we will be in a park so we'll have to make sure we're not in violation of its design standards."

I submit than an outdoor illuminated sign park, like the outdoor sculpture park, would be awesome.