Does Gay Pride coincide with Dia De Los Muertos in the Phillipines?
Thanks for the slam on transsexuals. Keep it klassy, O.
Seriously. Have you not seen Whitney lately? This performance is closer to truth than fiction...…
Flips in general are fucking crazy, not just the trannies. The gf's family says it's because they are passionate. I say it's because they're fucking crazy.
This is awesome.
And what evidence do you have that this one Filipino tranny is representative of Filipino trannies in general?
Is this your only example? Do you actually feel that all Filipino transsexuals are insane? Are you aware that tranny as a term, particularly when used to slam someone is considered pretty hateful by a lot of folks?
I actually don't really care about your answers to any of these.
This post is pure jackassery.
is that a fucking severed hand?
I have worked quite hard to become a man who is quite hard to shock. Lots of fucked up movies, lots of fucked up parties, lots of just generally fucked up moments. That may be the most horrible thing I have ever witnessed with these poor poor eyes.
To answer the question - First off there are more Drag Bars in the South of the US than in the West. San Francisco has 1 currently where as if you went to Pensacola FL there are a few. The point is the more oppressed a minority is by prejudice (notice the Drag queen having white/green face - insulting and admonished in most gay communities to do white face when imitating a black person- except Michael Jackson), the only way to have any community is to have drag bars as queers are allowed to be like this but 2 guys holding hands walking down the street will probably be shot. Does this make sense or am I rambling again...
I was just at a "gay" pageant up in the La Union province of the Philippines. It was almost exactly like this. It's typically paired with a "real" beauty pageant, and the trannie beauty pageant is meant as comedy, as this one clearly is. The one I went to was put on by the gay association, and they would say things like "Remember that families come in all shapes and sizes and we're all Filipino," but that is not what the townsfolk are there to see: they want to see freaks. The Catholic church does not look kindly on this glorification, however cartoonish and comedic the trannies are expected to be. But while the church in no way sponsors it, they don't really have an active campaign to tell Filipinos to stop watching trannie shows -- Holy Week will often have an accompanying gay pageant or gay basketball (in full drag). It's very much in the fabric of Filipino culture.
Um, I'm pretty sure that's a Whitney zombie, not white-face...
Whatever you call him, he's pretty amazing, with the scary crawling and the babies, sweet Jesus, the babies...The only thing that would have been better is the post-performance interview.
#9 - You have never seen a gay guy shot or beaten to death? This past Saturday (Pink Party) in SF 3 people were shot - the intended target (Dead)was hit 4 times in the chest and the 'suspect' knew him. And people wonder why it took me so long to come out of the closet being born in San Francisco..I grew up around a lot of homophobes - Should I have moved to New York?
I also went to the Ladyman Cabaret in Bangkok, and what I loved about the "gay" pageant in the Philippines is how incredibly amateurish it was in comparison -- there's a bunch of 19 year old boys with 6-month-old boobs and hip fat implants doing karaoke up on stage. The cabarets in Bangkok tend to have a much higher production value, although it is still a million light years away from a Broadway show.
@gijo by the bay: Don't know if you were implying this was at a drag bar, but it's almost certainly at an outdoor fiesta where the audience is mostly families. Notice the kids running up to the stage.
I think this was awesome.
Why the fuck would anyone be offended by a highly creative; well performed piece?
If any of my kids was in that performance I would be a VERY proud parent.
(Whether it was a boy or a girl doesn't really matter to me...)
If I were a Filipino tranny I would be proud of this clip.
This is using a song to illustrated the common horror plot of the vengeful demon bride. You find this character in thousands of Thai, Filipino and Korean movies. The sort-of scary kind where the fake blood is used in 50 gallon units.
This is the resurrection of Michael Jackson; and look, it's a little Paris and Blanket.
She ABSOLUTELY NAILS the start of the chorus at 3:27 after her Linda Blair fun. The whole thiing is incredible!
Maybe it's just me, but I found it entertaining. While attending college at Boise State University, the main gay bar in Boise had a drag show every Saturday night (therefore, I've seen my share of drag shows in my younger days). I always enjoyed the bizarre and comical performances over those that were meant to make you say "oh, wasn't that just beautiful."
You say Cray-Zee- I say Brilliant! F'kin hillarious even.

Bacon Strip @ R-bar would be lucky to have her/him/it...
Another "tranny" slur? Be sure to hammer the niggers, kikes and cunts next, kay?
Don't forget the wetbacks, spics, dagos and crackers while you are at it. Oh and the dykes and faggots.
Who said anything about transsexuals, @2?
I'm late to the party, but I'm with @ 21. Fantastic, fun and wonderfully crazy weird. fine entertainment.

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