At the end of the Queer Issue—Republicans I Have Fucked—Dan Savage writes: "I get it: There are some hot Republicans out there. But self-respecting queers should not be fucking card-carrying Republicans." He goes on to explain where things stand in the GOP's unwinnable war against gay people, and ends with some advice:

Here's how to really fuck the GOP: Keep coming out.

The more of us who are out to friends and family, the smaller the electoral return on the GOP's gay-bashing investment. They are playing politics with our lives—angling for votes from an ever-dwindling number of hateful, terrified, increasingly elderly homophobic voters. We can help to marginalize the GOP politically, and thereby help to thwart not just their anti-gay agenda, but their anti-environment agenda, their anti-health-care agenda, their anti-choice agenda, their anti-green-energy agenda, their anti-middle-class agenda, their anti-worker agenda, their anti-immigrant agenda, and their anti-science agenda, just by being out.

And David Schmader takes a tour through the greatest hypocrites in recent Republican history—Larry Craig, Bob Allen, George Rekers, et al—and wonders: Who's next?