The funny part is that most of Comrade Rossi's potential voters are from the areas with 10 to 12 percent unemployment and old people who aren't even bothering to look for part-time work to supplement their socialized Social Security and socialized Medicare (which doesn't cover all your bills, trust me).

But most of Senator Murray's supporters are in the areas with low unemployment ranging from 8 to 10 percent.

Comrade Rossi should move back with the rest of the Russian spy ring to his homeland in Russia and stop bothering us - Three Strikes and you're in Idaho or another Red State like Russia.
"budget-busting bills which add to the debt and legislation which makes it harder for businesses to expand and hire new workers..."

There goes the old trickle-down bullshit again. Basically saying that businesses would spend savings on unemployment insurance payments on creating new jobs. Remember when Boeing negotiated with then-governor Locke for a reduction in the amount they paid in unemployment insurance right before they canned a large portion of their workforce? Cause I remember it. Lesson learned? When corporations and their political stooges make wild promises about how they're going to spend their tax breaks on new ponies for everybody, don't believe it.

Rossi is repeating the same old cut-taxes-to-increase-revenue nonsense that Republicans have been peddling since Reagan, the true pioneer of the modern deficit state. Republicans are by no means opposed to deficits; They are fine with deficit spending as long as it goes to line the right pockets.
You get more of whatever you subsidize and pay for.
If you pay people not to have a job unemployment will remain high.
Did you ever notice Republicans want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and unemployed. Never on their stupendously wealthy corporations and Wall Street. But let the bankers screw up and they pour money down that rat hole with fire hoses! Rossi is just the same old failed bullshit. We tried it, it failed.
@2 - good point. Maybe we should end the Two Wars of Republicant Adventure in Iraq and Afghanistan and send the old whiny white people who got us into them the bill?
I find your "where does Rossi stand on the issues" tiresome. We know where he stands. He a goddamn Republican. 'Nuff said.
If unemployment runs out there are more repo'ed houses Dino Rossi can by.
but expect Dan to stiff you on the bill....
the GOP plan to pretend that they've always been deficit hawks depends on the memory of the american "independent" voter. & it's a pretty good bet that they have no memory of the last 10 years.
Maybe we can save the Govt. 34.6 Billion by taking it out of the NSA budget which has more than doubled since 9-11. Imagine if the spy agencies had to operate like normal agencies we'd have a lot more accountability with their lavish spending.
A drunken sailor on leave would seem thrifty compared to The $12 Trillion Dollar (Deficit) Man.
Obama and the Democraps are making this eazy.........
@ #5 - I like this idea. Make sure you include my idiot brother on that invoice! Though he's going to need his money when my unemployment runs out and I move in with him.
@9 I don't have kids and I also don't really give a shit if your kids pick up my tab.
Mr. Glass asks how Rossi would pay for the measure and says he has no specific plan. Am I insane, or were the very specific means to pay for the plan not enumerated only a couple of paragraphs above? Additionally, what were wrong with the measures Rossi proposed? Maybe actually paying for the benefits with austerity measures is better than tacking it on the federal governments ENORMOUS tab.
They better extend those benefits soon because its been since June 5th since I've got any check and it's f---------pissing me the f------off and a whole lotta other people....we need to take care of our families and there aren't any jobs either your under qualified or over qualified.......

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