I just went over to the PI's website and for some reason (brain damage?) I clicked on a photo of the hot dark-haired guy from Twilight. Or Eclipse. Or both? Anyway, he was looking all pouty and thick-lipped and sad, and the PI's teaser text said he was "bummed" about something, and there's nothing I love more than a pouty thick-lipped guy who's bummed about something. The link took me to some syndicated content that consisted of a Q&A with this actor, where he speaks words about the thoughts in his brain, and—breaking news!—he's a moron.

There is too much stupid-sounding stuff to quote it all here. But here he is discussing the research that went into learning about the Quileute tribe. The question: "Curious: Have you had much feedback from Native Americans about the wolf pack?" (Apparently he plays a Quileute but is also a werewolf or something.) The answer:

Two years ago, maybe even longer—back when we filmed Twilight—I met with some real Quileutes. I kind of just wanted to get to know them before we started filming. I went there with a pad and paper and a pencil. I was thinking I was going to have to write down notes and transform myself into this different person. I was like, "What do you guys like to do in your free time?" And I was expecting some different answer, and they were like, "We go to the beach and we play basketball, but most of all we like to check out girls." I was like, "Oh really? Alright." It would definitely be interesting to hear feedback after the movies have come out.

Native Americans—apparently they enjoy friends, beaches, and girls. Amazing!