The Seattle City Council is slated to confirm (or deny) newly-minted Police Chief Diaz on Monday, August 9 at 2:00 p.m. in Council Chambers. Rumors abound that city council members have hang-ups with Diaz; if this is true, we'll start hearing about them at a July 21 Public Safety and Education Committee meeting chaired by City Council Member Tim Burgess. This is the first step in the council's confirmation process.

"I can't say the council has reservations about Diaz," says Burgess's spokesman Nate Van Duzer. "They definitely have questions for him. They'd have questions for anyone stepping into this position."

Van Duzer says questions will likely stem from the council resolution passed on January 21 of this year that outlines the council's policy goals (like focusing on "proactive, problem-solving policing") and priorities (like reducing crime) for Seattle's police chief.

While Diaz will be on hand July 21 to answer questions about his performance and his vision for Seattle (and perhaps take the gentle suggestion that he join Toastmasters), Van Duzer says its unclear which other meetings he'll attend in this exhaustive process, which includes a public hearing and then another Public Safety committee meeting to vet Diaz before the full city council can vote on his confirmation in August.

So, after all that, what if the city council doesn't confirm Diaz's appointment?

"Then the mayor will have to appoint someone else," Van Duzer says.